more network card problems

  phillyjobab 23:06 15 Dec 2005

i just got dsl, and tried to hook it up. it works fine on my laptop, but when it is plugged into my desktop, the comp. won't transfer data or anything.
i get green lights, and it says my network is connected. it says everything is "working properly", but i can't get my sbc disc to finish, it says my modem isn't connected.
tech support can't help.
when i go to it gives me a message to the effect of "request was refused"
sbc, d-link, and dynex are all too dumb, i think it might be my motherboard, but i need an expert.

  keewaa 14:54 16 Dec 2005

Could you explain your setup clearly. If your using an adsl modem then you shouldn't need the setup disc again after the first computer is working ... you just plug in and use it for the other computers.

  phillyjobab 17:25 16 Dec 2005

my modem is hooked into a router, then directly into the ethernet port on the motherboard. i think that the port is the problem, so i got a ethernet card, but still no help.
my motherboard is a k7s5a

  keewaa 19:27 16 Dec 2005

" can't get my sbc disc to finish, it says my modem isn't connected."

Once you had the laptop working, you should only have plugged the ethernet in to get it to work on a second computer. It should not be necessary to run the setup disc again, and yes you will get a no modem message as the computers are now connected to the router. Go into internet settings on the PC and check that the connection tab is set to use the LAN.

  phillyjobab 20:04 16 Dec 2005

ipconfig tells me my ip is
tech support said it's a hardware thing
my network connections say they're connected
i've done ipconfig /release
i've tried ipconfig /renew, but it says it can't find the file, i don't get it

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