more memory=less memory???

  pureepaul 19:59 10 Jan 2008

I recently added 1GB of RAM to my p.c, sure it now runs faster but 2GB of hard drive space has suddenly been used, is this normal or is something amiss in the world??before the upgrade i had 16.9 gb free on C but that now shows 14.7, drive D was not affected, please help....
P.S why drives C and D and is it possible to add more mem to one and make the other smaller or is that just stupid??

  Technotiger 20:09 10 Jan 2008

We need a bit more info about your setup - what OS for starters, also what hardware you have and are we talking desktop tower or laptop.

Drive C: is normally your main System Drive, while drive D: is usually a ROM drive - or do you have more than one Hard Drive. If C and D are both hard drives, you could move programs from one to the other for space purposes - but you cannot move Memory (RAM) about in the same way.

It is not normal to lose 2 Gb Hard Drive space just by adding more RAM.

  Devil Fish 21:04 10 Jan 2008

check your page file size windows may have resized itwhen you added the ram

  pureepaul 21:18 10 Jan 2008

hi technotiger its a desktop vista home basic, acer t180, X7-250 nothing new was enabled and no new programs added after installing the ram modules and devil Fish how do i check page file size

  paul€ 21:42 10 Jan 2008

' how do i check page file size '

Orb / control panel / system / advanced system settings. In system properties pick advanced tab / performance settings / advanced / virtual memory / change. What is the current allocated.

  woodchip 21:48 10 Jan 2008

Windows as increased the swap file, you should be able to cut a lot of this, depending on what you do on the comp

  Technotiger 21:48 10 Jan 2008

Hmm, drive D: is your DVD ROM - do you know *anything* about computers? Your main hard drive C: should be 80Gb at least, apart from a small amount used up by your OS - though you could have the 180Gb hard drive. I don't understand why you only have 16.9Gb free, unless you have a very large Video file on it.

Also if you had stated that you were using Vista to begin with, I would have directed you to the Vista Forem - unfortunately I am not familiar enough with Vista to offer any advice. My own OS is XP.

You should really Green-tick this thread as Resolved (even though it isn't) and then put your original question to the Vista experts in the Vista Forum - listed on the left of this page.

  Devil Fish 21:59 10 Jan 2008

thats a blast from the past not heard the term swap file for a while

  Devil Fish 22:03 10 Jan 2008

as a rule of thumb your page file should be set at 1 and a half time the ram in your system if you let windows manage it invariably it is a lot more which imho is a waste of system resources

  pureepaul 22:10 10 Jan 2008

hi technotiger, pretty new at this stuff but learning... i've got an 80 GB drive, when i click on computer it shows acer (c) 14.7 free of 34 and data (d) 25.7 free of 33.6 and it used to show (+-) 16.9 free of 34 on c so where the 2gb gone, thanks for taking an interest by the way you guys!!

  Technotiger 22:57 10 Jan 2008

Ah, now I see (I think), your C: drive has two Partitions, C: and D: your DVD Drive will be shown as E: in your My Computer.

So yes, you can move programs or files from C: to D: or vice-versa to make more room. C: drive is where your OS (System files) are housed, and yes the size of that Partition can be affected by the System files - this is normal.

But I am still not familiar with Vista, so as I said cannot offer any further accurate advise.

But I don't think you have anything at all to worry about as things are.

Stick around this Forum (and the Complete Beginners Forum), read through many of the Threads and you will learn a lot!

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