More Memory Needed?

  Drusen 20:22 28 Aug 2010

My PC has only 1GB of RAM and these programs are are loaded at start up (and they take a long time to load):

Avira Virus Guard
Spybot SD Resident
A-Squared Anti-dialer Guard
Zone Alarm Firewall
Ad-Aware Ad-Watch Live
AVG LinkScanner
Windows Defender

The PC runs slowly overall and I wonder if too much RAM is being taken up by these programs - plus others connected with Windows XP, etc. Additionally, the hardrive seems to be working overtime and I wonder if the virtual memory is have to be used more than it should be, perhaps because of the lack of RAM.

I have run checks for viruses/malware/etc and optimised/cleaned the registry, but the slowness persists.

Should I buy some more RAM?


  DieSse 20:36 28 Aug 2010

What OS are you using?

I only use Eset Internet Security.

Plus non-resident malware scanners - Halwarebytes and Superantispyware.

Firefox has adblock-plus and WOT.

My old P4 (2.4GHz) with 1GB RAM flies along very smoothly. So either you have a different problem or you've got so much security software running there's little room for anything else.

  rdave13 20:41 28 Aug 2010

Xp should be ok with 1 gig ram. Check with task manager what's eating your CPU processor.

  Drusen 20:52 28 Aug 2010

I Forgot: Spyware Blaster is also running.

I will check the Task Manager.


  Drusen 21:12 28 Aug 2010

Just checked the Task Manager:

1. System Idle Process: in CPU column = around 50
2. TrueImageHomeN...: in CPU column = around 50

TrueImageHomeN... is part of the Acronis disk back-up software that I have. I don't know why it's sitting there using the CPU - the only time I use it is when I back up the hard drive occasionally. I don't know how to turn it off - it's not in the Start Up list.

  rdave13 21:18 28 Aug 2010

It looks like Acronis is doing some incremental backups constantly. I don't use Acronis so hopefully someone on these boards can offer advice on what this software is doing.

  rdave13 21:20 28 Aug 2010

PS, SpywareBlaster only 'blocks' sites that try to ping your computer and doesn't actually 'run'.

  Drusen 22:09 28 Aug 2010

I've managed to disable TrueImageHomeN... and Task Manager is registering 99 in the CPU column - TrueImageHomeN... is no longer listed.

I logged off and logged back in again and the programs listed above loaded more quickly than usual. Overall, the PC's performance is much better. Hopefully, the problem is solved.

Thanks for your help.

  Drusen 07:43 29 Aug 2010

I switched the PC on this morning and it's still performing well, but it takes ages to load everything up. Is this because of all the software listed above?

  northumbria61 08:02 29 Aug 2010

YOu could use a "Startup Delayer" utility - it's FREE - click here

  Atlantic Man 10:23 29 Aug 2010

All you need for a clean system is Avira and Malwarebytes running on startup- Zone alarm (sucks) Windows Defender also creates issues with Avira- Of course you will have a slow start-up

check your list- almost everything on it is software designed for Malware removal and will always- individually take a long time to start up all its services.

Get CCleaner - with it you can specify what runs @ start-up, better yet use " MSCONFIG "

You dont need all that stuff....

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