more memory. Is it worth it

  grumpano 11:03 04 Apr 2004

Hello.. Iv'e got a athlon 2200 with an asus a7 66m board and 256 memory. Is it worth putting more memory in my pc? Looking at the prices on crucial i was thinking of adding an extra 512. what do you recomend?

  byfordr 11:11 04 Apr 2004

If you use xp it is definately worth it, the cost is relatively low compared to the performance gains. Adding more memory beyond 512mb has smaller performance gains.


  bremner 11:12 04 Apr 2004


If you are running XP with only 256MB you will benefit noticeably by adding an additional 512MB.

You are running an almost identical spec to myself, when i went from 256 to 512 the difference was shocking, expecially when using phtoshop whilst say connected to the net at the same time.

DO IT!!!

  grumpano 11:21 04 Apr 2004

So would you recomend i upgrade by 256 or 512?
Is it easy to fit?

  grabster 11:22 04 Apr 2004

I was thinking of upping my mem from 512 to 1gig on a similar system but reading what byfordr has to say may be i should change my ancient geforce mmx440 instead,would i get better performance this way ? my system is used for gameing and surfing.

  grabster 11:23 04 Apr 2004

dead easy to fit,just pop it into an empty slot and bingo...

Its so easy, even i could do it! Just make sure you have correct RAM, just match what you already have, i use Crucial...great RAM, never had a bad stick. Well, as RAM is so cheap right now i would say go for 512. (extra that is). I went for 512 total....huge gains, but another 256 would not hurt anyone, especially if you like to play around with video, CAD or photoshop etc.

  Mister Splendid 11:24 04 Apr 2004

Subject to any limitations of your motherboard (check the manual first), the more the better. and it is very easy to fit.

  TommyRed 11:24 04 Apr 2004

My brother fitted some and he can barely turn his mcchine on. Sorry bruv if you're reading this. TR

  grumpano 11:27 04 Apr 2004

Thamks guys i'm going to invest next month..

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