More memory for Dell Dimension 3100 ?

  Audisportt 18:18 23 Jan 2007

I have a Dell Dimension 3100 with 512K ram, Pentium R 2.80Ghz processor and 160Gb hard drive. I have noticed that over past few months that it is getting slower on many basic commands like opening files and also broadband response.
I have McAfee Security Centre / Virus protection loaded (some people say it slows things down).

I have 131Gb of free space so cant think this should be causing it. Dell say that I can buy extra 512K RAM for £ 55 however I would need to remove one 256K card and slot the new 512K in its place so i would end up with only 768K of RAM ! Apparently I could buy 1024K of RAM but this would cost £ 130.

Appreciate any thoughts from the PC wizards out there so I avoid spending money unnecessarily.


Andy C

  ed-0 18:29 23 Jan 2007

Firstly. You can get 1024Mb of compatible ram for your system for £84 from here

It maybe that your computer needs a bit of a clean

defrag the hard drive

delete unused programs

cleanup the startup files in msconfig

run crap cleaner

  ed-0 19:27 23 Jan 2007

" tks ed how do i go about cleaning up start up files in msconfig and also how do i run the crap cleaner ? "

Please post your replies here, so every one can help. Only e-mail another member if you have something personal you wish to say, thanks.


go to start > run > type " msconfig" with out the quotes and pick startup. Untick every item except for your antivirus and third party firewall ( if you have one ) apply and Ok.

it will ask you to restart the computer.


you will get an information box about " running in system configuration mode " just pop a tick in the box that says don't show this box again.

Crap cleaner

Download and run click here it's free

Untick the box for cookies and run the cleaner.

  Totally-braindead 19:30 23 Jan 2007

ed-0 not wanting to disagree with your advice but unticking everything except anti virus and firewall under startup will that not cause some problems. I had thought some of these programs were necessary, such as sound for example.

  ed-0 19:57 23 Jan 2007

I always untick everything in my start up files, except AVG. I have never had any problems on any machine I have done so, but you may be right about some programs. So


If you find, after you have disabled all the unnecessary programs that start with windows, that you have a problem with any program. then just pop back into msconfig and pop a tick in the relevant programs box. this will restart the program with windows, the next time you boot up.

  ed-0 20:06 23 Jan 2007

" such as sound for example. "

All it would stop is the sound program from loading in the sys tray. The actual sound system in windows will work fine, it's just the program writers are saying my program is important. I am going to load it with windows, so if you need to alter the sound settings, you just have to click on the sys tray because it is in the background taking resources.

All you have to do is go to program files and start the dormant program, if you wanted to alter any of the sound settings.

thats what msconfig / startup programs do. they are all in program files and loaded in the background with windows,taking system resources just on the off chance you need them straight away. the only thing you need straight away, apart from windows, is your AV and possibly your third party firewall, if you have one.

Let them load from program files if you want to use them.

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