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  User-93B9B20E-2BF4-4EF1-82F20608231F9F1C 20:49 02 Oct 2003

Having after 4-5 months of trying and with the help of the PC Advisors bypassed the onboard graphics and installed a gforce graphics card I though I would try my luck with the next not successful project. A memory upgrade. Since I am getting into manipulating larger graphics in adobe it would be a really handy thing as my effiency goes down to less than 10% at times (4%) and I cannot afford the twin processor monster I would like just yet.
My motherboard is a 630TCF/630TCN and produced by and the manual says I should be able to upgrade the memory to 1GB. In slot one I have a 512-SD at 100MHz and slot two a 256 card at 133MHz which I had hoped to change for another 512 at 133MHz. I have tried a new card from pcZoo with very mixed results. In slot two it starts and ok's the memory on the start up screen, but I think looses program 'addresses' and eventually shuts down when running. If I 'before shutdown' load a few programs say Word, Outlook and then open a couple of files Norton tells me it cannot run as I have run out of memory. If I put the new memory into slot one and the old 512 into slot two after swoping the jumpers to suit it wont boot. I first tried this pre-blaster with Win2k but after that disaster I have upgraded to XP but the results are the same. Would anyone know if I am wasting my time or what. Cheers kelvin

  VoG II 21:05 02 Oct 2003

I would suggest that you click here and enter your system details to see what memory would be suitable.

  MAJ 21:13 02 Oct 2003

You need unbuffered PC 133 SDRAM, (but that motherboard will also support PC100), The Hermit. The fact that you're using PC100 SDRAM will mean that the PC133 SDRAM will not run at full speed, it will run at the PC100 speed. Buy your RAM from Crucial, click here

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