More hard drive space required.

  jake2 18:25 03 Sep 2005

I have a 60gb hard drive that's filling up rapidly! There's 15gb left. Now MESH have stated that my mobo could only handle an 80gb hard drive and said that I would require the xp disc (which hey have) to re-install xp on the new drive.
I was hoping to install a second drive inside the case but I'm not sure how to do this or even if it's possible. Can anyone advise?

Mesh Matrix 1500.(nov 01)
Asus A7A266 mobo
Athlon xp2400+
2 x 256 ddr 2100 ram
60gb 7200rpm udma-100 EIDE HDD with 2mb buffer

  woodchip 18:29 03 Sep 2005

Why not fit a Extra Hard Drive as Slave to the one already in the computer. Or get a USB2 External drive that you can just move from PC to PC

  jake2 18:36 03 Sep 2005

Thats what I was hoping to do Woodchip, fit another internal hard drive I mean. I dont know what to buy. Or how to fit it! When MESH said that the biggest hard drive my mobo could support was 80Gb I wasn't sure what they meant. 80Gb total? Can I fit another 80Gb hard drive aswell as my nearly full 60Gb?

  woodchip 18:39 03 Sep 2005

Is this your board click here

click here

Click next at the foot of each page

  Strawballs 18:42 03 Sep 2005

click here Yes you can fit another drive as a slave so you wont have to reinstall windows, I recently installed an 80gig drive in a friends old 60 Duron without problems.

  woodchip 18:45 03 Sep 2005

You may need a BIOS update for a bigger drive not shure about that but on the first link on above post it says that the BIOS should be rewritten. Drives there are some 80's on this link. click here

Me I like Seagate Barracuda drives

  ACOLYTE 18:46 03 Sep 2005

It may be the OS limitation not the mobo,but 98 i think only supports upto 80 gig if you have xp then you can goto a 200 gig hard drive, thats two of 200 gig on 1 pc i think mesh are taking liberties.If indeed you mobo only supports 80 gig then i would consider either a modo bios flash or a new mobo.The 200 gig is only my thoughts i believe you may go higher.

  woodchip 18:51 03 Sep 2005

Read is first post again

  ACOLYTE 19:04 03 Sep 2005

Yes and he has xp so why is he limited to one 80 gig drive? as i said its either a bios flash or new mobo,dint see the xp bit so what i said about 98 dont mean a deal,the way mesh made it sound as he says is he needs to spend money to get what he wonts.He can install a slave drive without the xp disk anyway.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:28 03 Sep 2005
  DieSse 21:25 03 Sep 2005

"I wasn't sure what they meant. 80Gb total?"

They mean 80Gb per drive.

But if you want to fit a larger one, there are usually ways around it. Seagate & Maxtor have siftware (free download) which will get around it in most cases - or you could just play safe and get another 80Gb drive.

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