rotormota 22:03 23 Mar 2003

My HP Pavilion 8660 needs some more GBS I think. I have a new memory card to install for now but can I install a bigger disk drive into my system easily?


  MAJ 22:07 23 Mar 2003

It's easy to install, rotormota, but you might need to update the bios to recognise a larger drive, depending on how old the BIOS is, not a task for people of a nervous disposition.

  woodchip 22:14 23 Mar 2003

You will be limited in upgrading an HP comp, More trouble than it's worth

  rotormota 22:35 23 Mar 2003

Oh dear, bit of no go perhaps?. They sell these things all over the place as if it is a quick fix.
I thought you just buy one, take off the back panel & slot I wrong?

Would an external be any good/easy via a USB1.1

Is it more difficult because of my particular pc?


  woodchip 22:39 23 Mar 2003

HP use special made items bios update may be a prob also, is it a desktop. You may be able to update Hard Drive and add memory

  rotormota 22:58 23 Mar 2003

Yes it is a desktop. I have a 128mb memory card to install when I get a moment but the thing is I only have 10+ Gbs in total of which half are used.

Seeing pcs with 50/60/70Gbs for sale got me thinking about upgrading this side of it.


  woodchip 23:04 23 Mar 2003

You may be able to fit a 30Gb drive without any probs, not over

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