More Firewire Help/ needed

  hootsmun 13:31 25 Sep 2006

Ended the last thread too soon.

Can anyone advise which Firewire card to go for?

Motherboard is a ASUS P5B-TMX PCI-Express Mainboard - Pentium® D/Core™ 2 Duo - Micro ATXAm

I am happy to have the slots on the back, but does the motherboard dictate which firewire card I can go for?

Looking at 2 options, both at pcworld;



Would these both be ok for the motherboard I have and I am guessing the first option would be the better one to go for for transfer speed?

the three socket do I go for the 800 MB firewire or

  ed-0 15:49 25 Sep 2006

Yes both will fit your machine, if you have a spare PCI slot.

I would go for the click here belkin.It has an excellent waranty and free phone support. I use a lot of belkin products.

Just remember that the 800Mb is theorectical speed and it will just transfer data as quick as the slowest component. So it will depend on the speed it can read from the camera, if thats what your using. To the speed it can write to the harddrive, if thats where it's going.

  ed-0 16:09 25 Sep 2006

" Not having done this before, is installing the PCI firewire card straight forward (anyone have anylinks showing how to do this?) doesn't phase me doing it but never done it before and so any explanation/tips appreciated. "

It's nice and easy.

Switch off the computer and pull the mains plug out from the back. Open up the computer and look for the 3 white PCI slots. They are marked here as PCI1, PCI2 and PCI3. click here

Ease out the backplate on the case, so when you insert the card, it comes out at the back of the computer. They should be a screw to take out in the same line as the PCI slot, this is on the case.

Now just gentley line up the card with the pci slot and push firmly in. fasten the screw to hold it down. Fit the side back on the case. Boot the machine and insert the driver disk that came with the card. Windows will find new hardware. Point windows to the driver disk. Let it load the drivers.

Now you can use the firewire card, easy.

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