More firefox probs

  willyv 17:56 01 Mar 2009

Hi All,
Ive had ongoing probs with Firefox 3.However I am reluctant to go back to IE as it is so slow when you are used to firefox. I just seem to get these system hangs which I have already posted questions about and I just get refered to a Moz help page. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled completely clean, ive set the cache to be cleared after every session, cleared profiles, cut all extensions and add-ons down to those included in installation but still it seems to just get stuck loading webpages after 30-60 mins websurfing. Could it be a skype installation thats scuppering things?? Please help as i cant stand ie. Ta again

  AL47 18:14 01 Mar 2009

i get the same thing

do you have to restart the computer completely?

i do

  willyv 18:44 01 Mar 2009

yep. exactly. sometimes it will happen immediately sometimes i can use it for an hour or so. im on virgin media with wireless set up if that could be relevant. laptop is a dell 1735 runnin vista 32.................

  ashdav 18:47 01 Mar 2009

How much RAM do you have installed ?

  Halmer 20:17 01 Mar 2009

Zone Alarm?

  Higher88 21:07 01 Mar 2009

I am having the same problem. I am on virgin media wireless using a DELL inspiron 1525 laptop after about an hour of use firefox will not work or even start, until the laptop is restarted. So frustrating, although I have found that the same thing happens to Google Chrome so I am not convinced this is a Firefox problem.

  AL47 21:09 01 Mar 2009

i have a dell m1710 laptop,

the issue is a relatively recent, and really annoying one! vista takes long enough to boot up.

i wish i could pinpoint what changed for this to happen, but i cant

i do use ZA firewall but have been for ages

talk talk slow broadband here

  willyv 22:06 01 Mar 2009

cheers for the intrest.
i have 4gb ram and am using ZA

  AL47 22:25 01 Mar 2009

appears we share the same problem...

  Shuffty 22:27 01 Mar 2009

The common denominator here seems to be virgin Media and wireless
We have 3 desktops and 1 laptop winxp sp3 and 1 desktop vista, all have firefox and zone alarm and have no trouble with any.

One thing I have noticed ever since I first started with firefox is that it is a little slow to load

  willyv 18:07 02 Mar 2009

any ideas??????????????? only 2 of the 3 instances above are on virgin.

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