More Firefox problems ?

  stlucia 12:03 26 Mar 2008

A short while ago I posted here click here about being unable to access one particular web site using Firefox.

Today my Firefox automatically updated itself so, in hope, I tried the site again, but still no joy.

EVEN WORSE, I now can't access click here or click here using Firefox, though I can still access both of them using my AOL browser. Both of these, as with the first site, are ones that I've accessed regularly over the years without any problem and, since they're all accessible using AOL, it can't be a Firewall (ZoneAlarm, up to date) or connection problem, can it?

I can still get this site and several others that are in my favourites list, using Firefox. So, any more ideas where my problem might lie please?

  DieSse 12:41 26 Mar 2008

I can access all three of your problem sites with FireFox. So there can't be a basic problem - it's probably some security setting somewhere.

  stlucia 13:31 26 Mar 2008

I'm sure you're right, DieSse. But I access the internet using AOL, then minimise AOL and start up Firefox. So, presumably, they're both operating through the same modem, firewall, anti-virus, and anything else that might block specific sites.

So, logic tells me it's a Firefox problem. But I've checked all the Firefox settings, and can't find anything that's blocking these sites. Wherever Exceptions lists are provided, I've added my original problem site to the list of exceptions (i.e. to allow whatever the function is), but to no avail.

Ahhh, some progress: I can now get click here using Firefox, so the problem is restricted to two Thai sites, both of which send data in english characters, and which I have regularly accessed in the past. I've checked at random, and I can access other .th sites, so it's not the suffix that's the problem.

  johndrew 14:49 26 Mar 2008

I am using Firefox ( has just auto downloaded) and have no problem accessing all the sites you link to. It could be that you have a setting different to me or perhaps an Add-on. If you can access using IE the chances are it is the set-up of your Firefox installation.

In getting access to click here you must have changed something. Are you using NoScript and have you changed any of the options there?

  DANZIG 14:56 26 Mar 2008

I had an issue with Firefox this morning as well after the update.

The laptop stopped accessing certain sites so I tried the desktop PC and then both PC's started asking me to register my BB modem (I'm on Virgin).

I phoned Virgin up to ask why this was happening (and for my password) and they suggested clearing out the cookies on the PC.

I hasten to add I'd done all the usual re-booting of both the modem and the wireless router as well as many PC restarts.

It seems to be OK now, although Youtube and Liveleak video's seem a bit slow to load.

  Peripheral SQL 15:34 26 Mar 2008

i can access all the sites listed in both threads
win xp home sp2
firefox is
java disabled in options (though installed)
no script blocking all javascript by default
MTU is currently set @ 1400 after much experimenting
zone alarm is 6.1.744.001 (oops not updated in a while)

just updated to and still works fine
similar set up, but no issues here

instead of connecting AOL software
can you not connect just via firefox
or using the aol dialer
as in click here

  stlucia 18:14 26 Mar 2008

This is strange. I did an Spybot S&D scan this afternoon, and I can now access the two newspaper sites -- London Evening Standard and Bangkok Post -- using Firefox.

So that leaves me back where I was a week or so ago, unable to access click here other than using the AOL browser. Maybe I'll try a another Spybot scan now, 'cause it did something that required it to reboot during this afternoon's scan.

johndrew, I don't believe I'm using NoScript -- is that a Firefox addon or extension? I certainly haven't knowingly changed any settings.

Peripheral SQL, I've thought many times about logging on without the AOL main pages, but that would leave me unable to save my AOL email on my PC, wouldn't it?

  johndrew 09:16 27 Mar 2008

NoScript is an Add-on click here

  stlucia 12:03 27 Mar 2008

Thanks, johndrew. Looking at the NoScript review, I see how it could interfere with web sites loading. But I don't have it, so that's not the culprit in this case :-)

Peripheral SQL, I'm now logged on via the AOL dialler icon at the bottom of my screen, without the AOL pages, and Firefox still can't access the problem site.

I've also done full AdAware and SpyBot S&D scans. AdAware found a few issues, but they were only cookies from web sites (like this one) that remember who you are when your PC logs on. I let it "fix" them anyway, and have re-logged-in wherever necessary.

  birdface 21:22 27 Mar 2008

This from Home Page. click here

  Peripheral SQL 23:07 27 Mar 2008

have you tried?

1. switching java off in firefox (tools/options/content/uncheck enable java/ok)
2. changing mtu to 1400 (shouldn't make any difference really)
3. disabling zone alarm temporarily and try access (gandalf would approve!)
4. can you access the stock exchange page from click here (avoids thai fonts)
5. can you access other .th sites? click here click here click here
6. on firefox under tools/options/content/fonts&colors/advanced; is allow pages to choose their own fonts checked?

er, that's it for now

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