More Firefox problems...

  wotbus@ 20:30 28 Nov 2007

or is it just me?
I have just sorted one FF problem now here's another:
Top right is the Search Engine box, I have Google selected. I type 4-5 letters and the box clears!!!
I type 1 letter and wait - 2secs and that disappears.
In fact I am unable to type anything more than 2 words long, and even if the first word appears in a drop-down "suggest" menu, by the time I have moved to select it, the box is cleared again?
It doesn't happen in IE7 - could MS have sabotaged FF for me ;-)
A couple of days ago I suddenly had Site Advisor set as my search engine (not by me)! When I clicked the down arrow to select another engine, there wasn't any? I am not using the beta3v of FF.
Anyone else with stability problems?

  wotbus@ 20:40 28 Nov 2007

Hmmmm. I am browsing with FF to this forum.
Top of the screen says:
Forums - More Firefox problems - PC Advisor - Mozilla Firefox - but - the last toobar before the PC Advisor web page shouts:
Customise Links, Free Hotmail, Windows Marketplace, Windows Media and Windows. That all sounds a bit IE7 to me???

  Technotiger 20:40 28 Nov 2007

I use FF all the time, never had any problems with it. You might have picked up a nasty - perhaps you should run all your anti-everything programs, just in case!

  wotbus@ 20:44 28 Nov 2007

Hmmm again.
Wife has just started surfing in the same room on another PC and just shouted she has a problem with her search box - same problem I have!!!
I asked her to use IE7 and it works ok???
The problem:
In the Firefox search box - unable to type anything!

  wotbus@ 20:47 28 Nov 2007

Hi Techno. We both use FF and have done so trouble free for ages. I will do an anti scan but it seems strange we should both have the same problem. I re-installed FF yesterday trying to resolve another problem. It didn't resolve the problem but a system restore did. Definitely something strange going on...

  wotbus@ 20:56 28 Nov 2007

Thanks Marg7. I usually run CC at the end of each day and did so yesterday. Wife's PC has just thrown up the same problem and it hasn't been on for a couple of days, but you may have hit it in one - we both share the same home page "click here"
Anyone care to try it out for me using FF and Google?

  wotbus@ 20:57 28 Nov 2007

Our posts crossed in the post ;-)

  wotbus@ 21:12 28 Nov 2007

I just tried the search box while on this site, and it works OK so it begins to point to my (our) home page - but - I just launched FF in another window and tried the search box and it worked normally, but when typing this response the same problem appeared in this box - the cursor just disappeared after 1 or 2 letters !!!! I closed the other FF window and now I can type normally again.
I may go to bed with a book, not about computers. Thanks everyone. I will tick as resolved, which it isn't of course, and will post any findings later.

  wotbus@ 21:59 29 Dec 2007

Sorted :-)
I was just on a site and a small note in red caught my eye:-
"If Javascript is disabled in your browser, click here".
I clicked it, tried the Search box and tried typing in the URL line and Presto - no more disappearing cursors.

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