More Excel teasers.

  Legolas 22:03 06 Dec 2004

I with the help of VoG successfully solved this Excel problem click here

I now want to solve another problem of a similar nature.

I have set up the Excel s/sheet so that if I enter an "N" in column G2 it will put a "Y" in column "P2" using the formula VoG gave me.

That is fine and is what I want because if the value in G2 is "N" the value in P2 must be a "Y"

BUT the final value in P2 is also affected by the value in H2 so if the value in H2 is a "Y" the final value in P2 must be a "N" in other words if the value in G2 and H2 is an "N" then the final value in P2 is a "Y" but if either G2 or H2 have a "Y" then the final value of P2 must be "N".

Confusing isn't it.

I have successfully got P2 to change to the opposite of what I enter in G2 but I want P2 also to change in respect to what I enter in H2

Here is the formula I am using =IF(G2="N","Y","N")

this successfully changes the value in P2 to the opposite of G2 but how do I get it to change the value in P2 in respect to what is entered in H2.


  Legolas 22:08 06 Dec 2004

Whoever can understand and work this one out will be sent the price of a few drinks - Honest

  pc moron 22:20 06 Dec 2004

If I understand correctly, this should do what you want:


  Legolas 22:30 06 Dec 2004

email me your address if you want to claim the prize pc moron perfect adsolutely brillant.

Many thanks this will save me much time and labour

  Legolas 22:33 06 Dec 2004

See you had to help me I can't even spell ;-)

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