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  runnerblade 20:04 01 Apr 2003

following on the aol waste thread i thought i would add my theory on aol mailshots.
as i am stuck with dial up until bt upgrade my local exchange for broadband,i thought i would ditch aol and try a different isp.
after reasearching via the helproom i have decided for two reasons not to change at present 1.have already lost one pc due to trying to remove aol and 2. the free helpline.
when aol send the mailshot cds people take up the free trial.once they have loaded the disk they become stuck with aol unless they know how to remove it whithout causing a lot of grief.hence more revenue for aol.

  Djohn 21:32 01 Apr 2003

I know that some people have a problem with AOL, but I use it and get along fine with the Program.

This last Sunday I found it necessary to remove the program from my PC, prior to a new and fresh install. (Testing purpose)

I went into Add/remove progs. and removed AOL from there, I then did a search of my hard drive and all files, even IE6, but I could not find a single trace of AOL left on my system.

Either they hide it very well, or I don't know where to look. J.

  AudioVic' 06:08 02 Apr 2003

In explorer, Click on VIEW, Click on folder options,Click on View (In folder options),
Then click on SHOW ALL FILES and then on apply.

Remember to repeat the above and click on Do Not Show Hidden Or System Files to return to normal.


Click on Start, Run and type: regedit and click OK.

Now open Hkey Current user and look for America On Line.

Now open Hkey Local Machine and look for America online again.

Here you will find AOL referenced twice in the above Hkeys

  Mango Grummit 09:25 02 Apr 2003

AOL can be removed with no problem at all. Sure, there may be odd bits left in the registry as there often is when any program is removed. These can be cleared using jv16 and/or Ashampoo.

runnerblade, how exactly did you lose one PC trying to uninstall AOL?

  runnerblade 19:15 02 Apr 2003

ilost my old pc when i tried to remove aol 5.
perhaps i mislead when i blamed aol because it was not aol directly that caused my problem but me messing with the bios and other things i know nothing about that caused me to crash my old system.
it was due to be replaced as it was a 200mmx that would have cost more to repair than replace.
sorry if i misled any one

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