moody iBook

  laura e 14:49 24 Jun 2005


I know this is a pc forum but I was just wondering if anybody would be able to give me any advice on my Mac!! I have had a few problems with my iBook in the past with the logic board but this has been repaired on both occasions by Apple as it was their fault.

So I got my iBook back a couple of months ago and it was updated to OS X 10.3 and was running much better so I was really made up with it, then the other day it was working fine, then it crashed so i had to shut it down and when i loaded it back up again neither the mouse nor the keyboard will work at all! The battery icon at the top has a cross in it as opposed to the amount of battery left or a charging signal, the only other time it has a cross in it is when the laptops plugged into the power but the battery is removed. and it keeps saying that the time and date is set to a time before march 2001 which could cause some programmes to behave erratically!!
Luckily i have an external usb mouse also which DOES work when i plug it in so i can change the time and date. but the battery logo just will not register a battery being there at all and the keyboard wont work at all! and it also recently decided it didnt like my ipod anymore either!

Does anyone have any idea at all what could have possibly caused this problem so completely out of the blue? or any suggestions on how i could fix it. I really cant afford to drag it all the way down to warrington apple centre again for it to be sent off and not come back for weeks and then be charged a stupid amount of money for the pleasure :(

i did know a button function where you could hold down buttons as it loaded up and it would kind of run a diagnostic check and solve any problems but i cant remember it and also if the keyboard wont work then its not much good!

i really need it asap tho and im fed up of it breaking all the time when i need it for important work! i have always been a big fan of apples but my loyalities r starting to dwindle a bit :(

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