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  Dei Tom 23:13 16 Dec 2005

I’m new to Moodle and I’m setting up a Lesson as an activity. It consists of two Short Answer questions and two Essay questions, as a creator it was quiet simple to set up and it seems to work fine when I logged on as a student. However when I log on to mark the lesson the short questions have been marked but I’m unable to find the essay questions to mark.

View lesson statistics (1 Students)
Grade essay questions (2 not graded and 2 not sent)

If I click on Grade essay questions I’m taken to a new page with 3 columns Student, Essay, and Email

The only links on the page are
Email graded essays
Email ALL

If I click on these links I get a new page with the following is displayed.

Email(s) successful
( Continue )

If the emails are successful I don’t know were they are going they have not been sent to me as the teacher or to me as the student.

Has anyone else had this problem and how do I mark the essays?

Dei Tom

  PurplePenny 15:54 17 Dec 2005

I'm not familiar with Moodle but have you given yourself the right editing rights to mark the essays? I know that we've had access/edit rights problems with the VLE that we use.

  PurplePenny 16:04 17 Dec 2005

The Teacher's Manual mentions a "Turn on editing" toggle switch (under Administration) which 'shows or hides the extra controls that allow you to manipulate your main course page'. Could the controls you need to mark the essays be there?

  Dei Tom 19:29 17 Dec 2005

Thanks for the response but when you turn editing on it only allows the question setting to be changed. It feels like I’ve spent hours checking settings through out the course but to no avail. A possible problem is the fact that I am a creator and the site administrator merely loaded Moodle to our Web site. If there is a problem behind the scenes such as memory allocation I need to be able to tell the administrator exactly where the problem is.

  PurplePenny 21:32 17 Dec 2005

Have you looked on the Moodle forum to see whether anyone else has had the same problem?

  Dei Tom 22:38 17 Dec 2005

Yes I have posted on the Moodle but as yet no reply. I only posted on this forum because I spotted a previous post about a Moodle problem that was successfully resolved.

  Dei Tom 19:25 04 Jan 2006

I had neglected to put a title on the essay pages so preventing the marking link appearing. I cannot believe I missed such a simple mistake.


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