smylle 12:39 03 Aug 2005

I changed my monitor recently, after this..I am experiencing problems when I am surfing the web even on a simple program viewing. when you are scrolling down or up, the screen does not shows a per page viewing. It's like a tissue roll that been pulling up and or down which creates a straight line in the screen everyime a scroll especially in the mouse. It gives irritation in my eyes everytime... Please help ....

  DieSse 15:59 03 Aug 2005

Changing the monitor should make no difference - did you change somthing else at the same time?

The "vertical lines when scrolling" symptom is to do with the display (graphics card) drivers. Usually they vanish when the system catches up with your actions.

You could try updating your graphics card drivers. If you need help with this please ask. If you're not sure what graphics system you have, you can download Everst Home Edition free from here click here which will tell you - and also many other details of what's in your system.

  Stuartli 17:02 03 Aug 2005

It may be that your original graphics card drivers' settings are not suitable for your new monitor i.e. it may not support them.

If you open Display Properties by right clicking on the Desktop in an open area, Properties>Settings tab>Adapter tab and then clicking on the List All Modes button, the supported colour, resolution and refresh settings that the monitor will support are listed.

Use the most suitable setting (including a refresh rate of 85MHz) for your requirements.

  DieSse 17:49 03 Aug 2005

"Use the most suitable setting (including a refresh rate of 85MHz) for your requirements."

If your new screen is a TFT then your refresh rate should be set to 60Hz.

However, if the monitor displays fine except when you scroll (does it??) , then it's not likely to be your display settings.

  smylle 09:30 04 Aug 2005

there was no adapter tab on the display properties. what I saw under settings tab are screen resolution,color quality,troubleshoot and advance....where can I also find the monitor rate ie 85Hz to 60 Hz?
Yes the screen isplay s fine unless when I do scrolling...If it's not the display it the monitor itself who has a problem? Many thanks...

  Stuartli 11:04 04 Aug 2005

If, as DieSse suggests, it's a TFT rather than a CRT monitor then these normally have a native resolution setting and a refresh rate of 60MHz as the latter is all that is required.

Setting a refresh rate of 85MHz on a CRT monitor eliminates the possibility of suffering from screen flicker for the vast majority of the population..:-)

One other obvious answer, of course, is to read the manual....:-))

  DieSse 11:10 04 Aug 2005

Please can you describe the problem again in perhaps more detail - It can't be the monitor really.

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