Monitors and eye damage

  cherria 12:02 18 Aug 2004

On an earlier thread, it was claimed that using CRTs leads to eyesight deterioration.

Can anybody point me to any scientific evidence of this, I'm interested as I use a CRT at work and if there is any evidence that this is true I'd like to use it to get a safer monitor.

However, when I searched the net I could not find any such evidence.

  Chegs ® 12:07 18 Aug 2004
  cherria 12:19 18 Aug 2004


Techno screen could hardly be regarded as an independent scientific authority. They obviously want you to believe that screens without their screens (if you see what I mean) will damage your eyes so that you buby one of their techno screens.

The other link does not provide any suggestion of a link between CRT use and eyesight deterioration

thanks for trying though.:-)

  wee eddie 12:30 18 Aug 2004

This is effectively a form of RSI.

The Government has Regulations regarding Eye testing on a regular basis see click here it's somewhere in there.

The actual damage is similar to that which pre-pubescent boys are warned of!

  bremner 12:31 18 Aug 2004

Try these

click here

click here

click here

I put 'eyestrain VDU into Google and had hundreds of hits

  fazer 13:21 18 Aug 2004


Using any type of DSE can certainly lead to eyestrain but the jury is out regarding whether it causes any permanent damage.

The most important thing to remember is to keep the refresh frequency so high that you can't see any "flickering" on the screen and also ensure that the equipment is of such quality that every part of the screen is in sharp focus - check the corners whilst in "Word" and you may see what I mean.

Other than this, just follow the DSE guidelines in respect of screen position, seat height, and lighting. Following the guidelines of which most are common sense, then the risks are no worse than driving looking through a less than spotless windscreen !!

  Chegs ® 13:30 18 Aug 2004

I have no need of knowledge about eye damage caused by CRT's.I simply put "CRTs + eyesight deterioration" into google and gave you the links.The first few lines of TechnoScreens page states "Staring at VDT (Visual Display Terminal) for long periods, an activity required with computer or word processor applications, and using a keyboard at the same time, has been found to cause various health-related problems or aggravate pre-existing conditions." That was the answer to your question,so I read no further.It goes on to quote from the "Central Worker's Accident Prevention Association" all of which backs up your suspicions about VDU's. :-)

  Stuartli 13:43 18 Aug 2004

The most likely causes of eyestrain when using a monitor are sitting/viewing far too close to the screen, using far too high a resolution so that text is very small and not using a refresh rate that will eliminate flicker - a refresh rate of 85MHz will cure this for about 98 per cent of the population.

Unfortunately a number of people believe that the Optimal setting is OK - in fact it's only about 60MHz.

  cga 13:58 18 Aug 2004

I think that Chegs ® (and others) are only saying what many of us know from personal experience. The reasons for this are many, including those mentioned by Stuartli.

The problem is that all the documents referenced are good information but, without properly referenced evidential research, they are only opinion - no matter how well informed.

Because there has been so much controversy over such a long time about this we need good published indipendant research, supported by evidence. I am sure it is out there but finding it amongst all the hype is difficult.

I was particularly interested in the things that Chegs ® mentioned about the differences between screen types and indipendant research detailing the impact of this would be interesting.

My particular bug is about the use of colour. In an attempt to make most text input look like paper, most text spaces are white. However this is much brighter than paper and it would be much better as a light grey. Yes, some applications can be customised - but not all.

  obbit 14:32 18 Aug 2004

I wear spectacles. When I visit the Opticians they always ask me if I use a computer. I will ask why they ask me next time I visit.

  cherria 14:51 18 Aug 2004

cga has hit the nail on the head!

I was looking for scientific evidence, not conjecture.

Even from bremmers first link, the very first line on the site reads "Although there is no reliable evidence to suggest that even long-term intensive use of VDUs is damaging to the eyes"

The second link talks a lot about studies but references none.

The other point is there is a difference between eyestrain (i.e. feeling tired aching eyes) and permenant deterioration in eyesight.

I do not think there is any difference between looking at a display and working for hours on a document on your desk.

Has anybody seen anything more conclusive?

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