Monitor won't display - graphics card problem??

  kelemvor 14:37 06 Aug 2006


I was using my pc the other day and without warning the monitor stopped displaying (i.e went into what looked like standby mode).

I have tried connecting another monitor only to get the same thing. I have also connected my monitor up to a laptop and it displayed fine.

My graphics card is an agp, but I have 2 pci cards that should work fine (have install disks too), but my question is, how do I get the pc to recognize/use one of these cards if the drivers aren't installed?

I guess that simple plug n play should detect them and windows should do the rest, but so far putting either card into a pci slot isn't bringing the monitor back online.


  Diversion 15:35 06 Aug 2006

Yes It's first recognized as Plug n Play, Then install the drivers.

  kelemvor 15:59 06 Aug 2006

I thought so.

Unfortunately, plug n play doesn't seem to be detecting my monitor.

Might there be a problem with anything other than the graphics card or monitor that could cause this type of problem? ie could there be a fault on the motherboard?

I forgot to say, I have an advent pc - amd k6, it's about 4 or 5 years old, so it may just be getting on a bit.

  Diversion 16:05 06 Aug 2006

Have you plugged the monitor into the inserted graphics card as I forgot to swap mine over too.

  kelemvor 16:13 06 Aug 2006

Yes, but I wish I had forgotten, it would make things simpler :0)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:19 06 Aug 2006

Monitor will go into standby if signal lost from grapics card.

As you have proved monitor and lead OK, then

1. remove refit graphics card and retry (may have worked loose, it doesn't take much)

2. Also remove refit memory modules as these can cause simular fault.

  Diversion 16:25 06 Aug 2006

If the graphics card that you have put in worked on a previous computer, it looks like your suspicions about the motherboard are correct.

  kelemvor 16:31 06 Aug 2006

If I remove the monitor from the graphics card while pc is on it says 'no connection - check signal/cable'
So the monitor is able to 'know' the difference, but there is still no image when connected to any of the pci cards - same as for my agp.

I can't imagine that all 3 cards have somehow been affected by static, so there must be another reason.

  kelemvor 16:32 06 Aug 2006

Both pci cards came from working pcs.

Oh well I was looking to upgrade, perhaps not quite so soon but.....

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