monitor wont come on

  User-AC60A56C-3D64-471A-8E3565D05CF4B398 10:51 17 Sep 2004

hello ,i tried to get help with an earlier posting to no avail,so i'll try and explain my problem better in this posting, I stripped my old computer and i bought new hardware ,PC CHIPS MOTHERBOARD - M848A FOR PC, CPU, AMD, DURON, 1.8 GHz / 128K / 266 FSB, SOCKET , GC - SAPPHIRE ATI RADEON 9200SE 128 MB AGP GRAPHIC , DDR DIMM - 256 MB RAM, 184 PIN, 333 MHz / PC 2700, i'm using the hard drive from my old puter and its an ATX mini tower case , my problem is when i turn the power on i dont hear any beeps ,but i hear the processor fan running ,the cd-rom is working and the floppy light comes on but my monitor does'nt come on atall ,i know its not the video card because i tried the video card from this computer and the same thing happened, another thing is ,when i wired up the power led's to the motherboard ,i think i wired them correctly but its hard to tell because theres no markings on the wires to say what is positive and whats negative ,i'm desperate hear because i dont want to have paid all this money and it does'nt work ,i bought all components over the net all from the same place and i looked at their terms and conditions ,it says will only take parts back less than seven days from purchase but i've had them for just over 3 weeks.

  moore_mat 11:07 17 Sep 2004

Hi Barney67

OK the first thing to try is to whip all of the components off of the motherboard (including memory and hard drive connections). Then try powering it up... Does it beep? If it's working OK it'll go beserk with all the errors (no memory; no graphics card, etc, etc) but that would be a good sign as it shows the motherboard is OK...

If it's still silent, then I would get on to your supplyer and send back at least the motherboard and processor.

If however it starts beeping; then shut it down and add one component (e.g. one stick of memory) then power up. Continue until the thing stops working when you turn it on and you will have found the faulty component.

Good luck and let us know how you got on.

All the best

[email protected]

  geeza 11:07 17 Sep 2004

you hear no beeps
have you connected the case speaker?

when you say "i know its not the video card because i tried the video card from this computer and the same thing happened,", does this mean that your monitor didn't work with another video card?

  moore_mat 11:08 17 Sep 2004

Also - the returns policy is probably for if you bought the wrong thing - they give you 7 days to change your mind - all proper UK kit should come with at least a year's guarantee if it breaks..

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