monitor will not "wake up"

  lelole76 10:45 12 Oct 2007

When I try to wake up the monitor attached to my PC nothing is happening, the light is still on but amber (which signifies in standby - usually goes green as it wakes up). I managed to get it to go green briefly and it started to wake then briefly displayed "power saving mode" and went back to sleep. I have checked the connections which seem fine, and I have rebooted the computer but it still hasn't woken up.

We have had an issue recently where our surge protecting extension cord stopped working on a couple of the plug sections but not all. Not sure whether it may ahve caused some damage somewhere?

Any help much appreciated!


  mad1234 12:14 12 Oct 2007

have you tried plugging in another monitor to check if the monitor is the problem or the graphics card?

  lelole76 16:58 12 Oct 2007

Hi unfortunately I don't have access to another monitor. Is it likely to be the graphics card then? I was having an error message regarding the graphics card for a while - but it stopped by itself... will have to check previous posts to see what the message was nand add to the post.


  lelole76 17:03 12 Oct 2007

exact error was "The device driver for NVIDIA WDM video capture device is preventing the machine from entering standby. PLease close all apps and try again. If problem persists you may need to update this driver." it is an nVIDIA geFORCE fx 5200.

  mad1234 18:23 12 Oct 2007

is there another graphics card you can pinch from another pc to try. you can then put it back in the other pc once youv'e tried it. if the monitor goes on & your pc boots up you will know that your graphics card needs replaced, if not then it could be the monitor

  lelole76 18:45 12 Oct 2007

I don't have easy access to a graphics card either - I am writing this from my work laptop... don't want to mess with that! Is there any way I can use the laptop as a monitor to test?

  mad1234 07:38 13 Oct 2007

dont know about that but you can plug your monitor into your laptop & set your graphics to 2 screens & see if the monitor comes on.

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