Monitor will not go to standby

  zarobian 16:30 11 Mar 2006

My computer will neither hibernate nor go to stand by mode at selected time. Power Management settings are correctly set and was responding to power Management Commands.

Previously on my computer WinXP Pro SP1 was installed which is later on updated to SP2. SP2 was loaded from the PCA cover disc. No problem there.

Last weak I have to reformatt the HD and installed the same OS. The only difference is that this time SP2 was downloaded from Microsoft site.

Now I have set the Monitor to switch off after 10 minutes but it wll not respond. If I select the option to hibernate, I get the message,"The device driver NVDIA RIVA TNT2 Model64/Model64 Pro
is preventing entering hibernation. It appears to me that both problems are inter related.
Any ideas you wise folks? Should I uninstall SP2 and reinstall it from the CDROM?

  zarobian 16:33 11 Mar 2006

I would add that I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Graphic card driver several times without any joy. Looked for any update for this card on NVIDIA site no support there. Perhaps too old.


  zarobian 08:57 12 Mar 2006

sfc has been tried out. Reported OK.
I have also noticed that Monitor has disappeared from Device Manager.

Selecting Display Properties->Settings->Advance and then Monitor tab,showing the Monitor as "Default Monitor" and its properties tab is grayed out!!!

Still waiting for a response,Please.

  zarobian 09:19 14 Mar 2006

It is all fixed.

  terryf 09:21 14 Mar 2006

Please, please let us know how, some-one else might have the same problem in the future

  zarobian 07:51 15 Mar 2006

I suspected the graphic card. Switched off the Computer. Opend up the case.Removed all fluff from fans and give it good good cleen.
Removed and re-seated the graphic card. Reinstall the OS. Every thing went fine. All problems solved and machine is running as good as it was on day one.

Prior to the above, I reinstalled OS three times without success.


  zarobian 07:53 15 Mar 2006

My apologies for spelling "CLEAN" in correctly.


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