Monitor - why only 16 colours available ?

  Blott 21:38 27 Oct 2008

Am helping set up a machine which has been completely re-formatted after a previous disaster. Operating system is Windows 2000 - yup, Windows 2000 !

I'm not sure of the system but it has certainly before run the game mentioned below so I assume memory, speed etc are OK.

Problem arose when installing a game and came up with need 256 colours.

Looked at control panel > monitor but the number of colours drop down menu has only 16 colours option.

I assume this is runing some sort of basic driver but would have thought that even Windows 2000 would have a bit more than that basic.

Unfortunately that machine is not connected to internet (perhaps the next step ? ! ?).

Any advice please ?

If you think this is a driver problem can you advise what driver I could download and could I put it onto a CD and transfer it to rogue machine that way ??

Regards to all.

  AL47 21:39 27 Oct 2008

need a graphics card driver driver

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