Monitor user define settings

  Les52 23:31 02 Oct 2004

i have a 19inch Tiny brand monitor which has just gone blank and will not come to life. the very last thing was a misunderstanding of the monitor settings, as i walked into the room the screen had something like 6800- user -9300 and user was in pink and i beleive was selected in error. The computer system is ok, but does this mean the end of my lovely monitor or is there away to change the setting which i believe should be the 6800. i have search the web but cannot find a similar accurance.


  Les52 23:38 02 Oct 2004

silly question where are the settings stored in the monitor or in the computer bios?

Also what is the key to hold in on start up to restore bios defaults is it F10?


  Les52 23:43 02 Oct 2004

what about a system restore would that resolve it?

  Les52 23:44 02 Oct 2004

i will try with a different system and graphics card tomorrow.

Has anybody got a clue to get me going?


  stalion 23:49 02 Oct 2004
  Les52 09:26 03 Oct 2004

Just to clarify, i found the manual and what has actually happened is in the colour temperature the settings are 6500k , 9300k(Default setting) and user which was selected , this should have activated the sub menu to change red ,green & blue. But the screen switched off and i need to get into those setting to make changes .the monitor is a Model 9S926.
the pink was just the text not the screen colour
Thanks Les

  Les52 14:18 03 Oct 2004

i have tried it on 2 other systems, same problem. If you disconnect the lead from the graphics card the no signal warning appears, but still no way of entering the monitor menu

All suggestions welcome before a trip to the tip would be appreciated


  Les53 21:25 04 Oct 2004

Can a monitor store settings or not?

  Les53 21:38 04 Oct 2004

i have just read all the achives for monitor problems, everybody gets a chance at changing settings / graphics drivers. Why can't i get something on the screen? surely they dont manufacture monitors that if you try to change the settings and get it wrong you have to throw the monitor away?
This must be a tough one as nobody is answering!

  Dorsai 21:48 04 Oct 2004

Perhaps a duff button on the monitor? You are pressing it, but the monitor is not realising you are?

  woodchip 21:53 04 Oct 2004

Start in safe mode by keep pressing F8 when starting computer the will run in a default mode you can then adjust the screen settings to what they should be i.e. resolution refresh rate

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