monitor turns itself off while playing

  Voler 11:30 10 Nov 2007

Can anyone help me ?
My monitor turns itself off when I'm playing and I don't know why.When I went to the place from where I bought it the man there said that there could be 2 things wrong: the screen refresh rate it set to high or my source is to small ( I have a 350 W source) , is that true?
Pls help!!!

  Totally-braindead 11:37 10 Nov 2007

The first thing that I would be inclined to check if the PC turns itself off when playing games and tends to run fine when surfing the web and using Word etc is overheating.
I would check the fans are all still running are that the PC is free of dust inside.
It could be the power supply but you don't mention anything about your PC. Need to know speed of processor, operating system and amount of memory, also is it new or an older PC, if older did it used to work ok and has only started doing this?

Bit more info mate. Don't see what the refresh rate would have to do with it. If you set that too high you would just get either nothing on the screen or garbage as the monitor couldn't display it, it wouldn't just fail part way through playing a game.

It sounds to me like the graphics card is overheating, check the fans first.

  chris05 11:42 10 Nov 2007

Are you running your monitor through the PSU or are using a direct power cable to the mains?

Make sure you check all the cables at the back are seated nice and tight and the two screws are tightened into your graphics card.

If you can take the monitor to a friends or run it on another pc and see if it does the same, if it does do the same take it back and see if you can swap it.

  Voler 11:46 10 Nov 2007

The video card has 128 mb. I had a similar video card , an ati radeon 9600 XT(the same properties)that broke and the assurance company replaced it with the one i have now wich is an assus radeon A9600. I installed all the drivers necesary. My computer is dusted , i dusted it when they gave me the new video card. The computer works fine in windows but when i play a game , the monitor turns itself off after some minutes (the green light from the monitor's start button turns to yelow )

  Voler 11:47 10 Nov 2007

I dont think the monitor is the problem because it worked fine untill i got this vodeo card

  Voler 11:48 10 Nov 2007

The fans work fine , thats not the problem either.

  Totally-braindead 12:03 10 Nov 2007

Its almost certainly overheating. Have you physically checked the fans and in particular the one on the graphics card to make sure its spinning?

  Voler 12:08 10 Nov 2007

yes i checked the fan on the video card and the fans inside the computer , the are all working fine but i still wonder if the power supply is the problem because the man at the assurance company said that he had seen video cards that didn't even start because of the power supply

  Totally-braindead 12:13 10 Nov 2007

Its possible, when a graphics card is working harder IE playing a game it drags more power and gets hotter, so if the power supply can't supply enough power or the graphics card overheats you lose your display.
It could be the power supply.

  Voler 12:55 10 Nov 2007

Yes but why did my older video card witch had the same properties , was an ati radeon , same as the one i have now work with my power supply and this one doesn't work?

  Totally-braindead 13:11 10 Nov 2007

Did the card work initially?

Power supplies can fail and as time goes on they get less efficient, it could be just wear and tear.

Unfortunatly I cannot think of a way of testing the graphics card and the power supply other than trying the parts in another PC. I also am still of the opinion that the most likely problem is the graphics card overheating.

The reason I say this is. You can play a game for a while and then it fails. If it was the power supply then when you start the game I would have thought it would immediatly fail rather than working for a while and then failing.
See what I mean, something is changing over time when you play a game, it works fine for a while them fails so to me its still more likely to be overheating. The power supply could still be the culprit but if it is then its a bit unusual that it works fine for a period of time and then fails.

I'll leave this just now and see if others disagree with me or not.

One last question. Did this card you are using now work ok before and has just started doing this or have you just fitted the card and it is doing this from day 1?

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