Monitor turns itself off

  wesparmalee 22:06 22 Sep 2006

Can anyone help me with this one.My monitor seems to be playing up, but it only happens when i adjust the screen refresh rate.Everytime i increase this rate over 60 hertz the monitor turns off, and goes into standby.It will not allow me to increase it beyond 60.It's an anologue VGA type, so maybe it's on it's way out.Any ideas.Thanks.

  User-312386 22:10 22 Sep 2006

your resolution sounds as if it is to high

Change it to say 800x600 and then up the refresh rate

  wesparmalee 22:21 22 Sep 2006

Just altered to 800/600, but icons are way too large.Reverted to previous settings 1024/768, but now all folders on the desktop are far too spaced i.e. too much space between them.How do i get this back where it was?

  User-312386 22:23 22 Sep 2006

right click empty part of desktop>arrange icons by> and tick auto arrange and align to grid

  wesparmalee 22:26 22 Sep 2006

Ok,it's back as it was again, thanks.Strange problem this one, not really sure how to correct this.I could live with 60 hertz, but the flicker effect on my eyes isn't too nice.

  LABMAN 22:40 22 Sep 2006

Hi, go into control panel, select display then click on seetings tab,go down to the bottom and select advanced,then click on monitor tab, ensure the hide modes this monitor cannot display is checked, now see what refresh rates are available to you for use.

If you have a choice of over 60Hertz and it still cuts out you must have a problem with the monitor, if you don't have a choice of over 60Hertz you will need to drop your screen resolution to a level that supports a higher refresh rate I'm afraid.

  wesparmalee 00:30 23 Sep 2006

OK, will give this a try, thanks a lot.

  ACOLYTE 00:35 23 Sep 2006

I thought the refresh was controlled by the graffix card?

most modern monitors will go to 75hz easy so it may be a limit of your g-card and how much ram it has that sets your refresh rate limit.

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