Monitor turns off after 10 sec

  iqs 21:10 01 Apr 2008

Hi,Can anyone offer any advice on why a monitor should turn its self off after 10 seconds please.

The screen goes black,but it seems like I can see the desktop image.

Screen saver is set to 20minutes,monitor power option are set to 'never'


  Diemmess 21:19 01 Apr 2008

Possible graphics card failure?

Check first by trying your monitor on another PC, but if there is a power on light on the monitor then my guess is a lack of a signal from the PC.

  iqs 21:32 01 Apr 2008

thanks Diemmess

  woodchip 21:46 01 Apr 2008

Try it with screen saver off

  iqs 21:49 01 Apr 2008

is switched of,still the same.cheers woodchip

  woodchip 21:54 01 Apr 2008

Does the monitor have a Power adapter to plug into wall socket?

  woodchip 21:58 01 Apr 2008

Inverter may also be on it's way out if you can see the picture under the black. As it means no illumination to monitor. As they use a back light

  woodchip 21:59 01 Apr 2008

It should have three year warranty

  ambra4 22:01 01 Apr 2008

"The screen goes black,but it seems like I can see the desktop image."

Shine a light on the screen and if you can see the desk top in the background and the mouse moving

The back light tubes or the light inverter is bad and need to be replaces

  iqs 22:02 01 Apr 2008

plugs straight into the wall.
My neighbour gave me the monitor as he was given two from work.
He is having the same problem with his.Funny thing is,they both worked fine when in the work place.Does this help?.

  woodchip 22:06 01 Apr 2008

No just a coincidence, looks like Back light or Inverter gone

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