Monitor Trouble

  Crazygeorge3 10:11 07 May 2007

I recently installted a game called vampire the masquerade bloodlines on my PC. Everything works fine accept when ever i play it every minute my monitor flocks up and error saying not optimal setting optimal settings= 1280x1024 60Hz. Now the game automatically runs at 1280x1024 85hz, and i can see the images nad play the game fine if it was not for the error message popping up all the time. I have tried to override DX using Refresh and Rivatuna but this doesnt get rid of it, and it only does it for that game, no others. I have already patched the game.
Any Suggestions?

  howard64 10:14 07 May 2007

look at the settings for your graphics card [troubleshoot] and see where the acceleration arrow is set. If set to full try taking it down to off or very low by sliding it.

  Crazygeorge3 10:56 07 May 2007

Ok i'll try that, btw i have an Nvidia 7600GS on a Samsung 710N 17 Inch

  Crazygeorge3 18:33 07 May 2007

I can not change hardware acceloration, when i try to do it through windows it says the driver will not let me, and in the Nvidia control panel i can't find anything

  howard64 17:23 09 May 2007

try looking at the FAQ's on Nvidia site

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