Monitor switches off by itself but system stays on

  YinHoNg 08:45 29 Jun 2005

I am running windows 2003. After i have booted up, after two minutes or so, my system seems to switch itself off. HOWEVER, the power and fans of the cpu are still on but the monitor has switched itself off. What's more is that i even tho the system is still on, i can't seem to use Ctrl Alt Delete to restart the system.

I've tried replacing the graphics card and power supply but this hasn't made any difference whatsoever.

If anybody has any ideas of how i could fix this, i'd be grateful for the help.

  recap 08:53 29 Jun 2005

Check your "Power Management" settings in Control Panel. There are properties to enable the Monitor to be turned off after a certain length of time and the HDD.

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