Monitor switches off after Win XP loading screen

  petersp8 14:46 07 Aug 2007

Hi all,

Here is what I know:
1. Screen goes from green light to orange (standby) and no signal box comes up.
2. It happens to other monitors, not just mine.
3. Happens with different power cables
4. My monitor works on other PC’s
5. PC runs fine in safe mode
6. Does not run in AVG mode
7. Unlikely to be heat related as have case open in a cool room and it will still switch off after very short time (win xp loading screen).
8. I have a brand new 350w PSU which I assume is enough power for it not to be the problem.
9. I have changed all power + screen saver options so monitor shouldn’t ever turn off.
10. It will load windows around 1 in 20 attempts. When it works then it stays on for a few hours. I play BF2 and managed to get on yesterday, however the game (not the monitor) shut down after a couple of hours of sluggish play - may be related?

I have tried updating the drivers from Nvidia website but that didn’t solve the problem.
It works in safe mode so lowered all display settings and deleted my display adapter from device manager to see what would happen. Windows loaded fine and asked to install my graphics card again. When I did the screen went blank. I have deleted it again and raised all the settings so my PC is currently running fine all minus a graphics card.

AMD Athlon 64 3800+
19’’ Hanns G monitor
160GB hard disk
350w Octigen PSU
Nvidia GeForce 6600
ASRock motherboard
OS is XP

  Trackrat 18:28 07 Aug 2007

Download the Nvidia drivers to your desktop, go to add & remove programs, delete the Graphics drivers, reboot your computer then reinstall the graphics drivers.
By deleting the display adapter from device manager you left the old Nvidia drivers on your system and these need to be uninstalled before you put the new ones on having two sets of drivers can cause conflicts.

  petersp8 20:39 07 Aug 2007

Before reading your thread I loaded new nvidia drivers and after installation a blue error screen came up. I ignored it and played battlefield 2 for 3 hrs until it crashed and a new blue screen came up talking about driver errors and the problem was with 'NV4_DISP.DLL'. I assume thats to do with the new nvidia driver I installed. Anyway, I have disabled my graphics card using device manager and removed its components as well as you said along with pretty much everything with display in the title. Only thing I am curious about is shall i remove 'ASUS nVIDIA Driver' as well? After that shall I try and install drivers from internet again?

  DieSse 22:58 07 Aug 2007

This may not be your problem - but I had a system similar to this recently - would work in 640x480 resolutions - but in no others. T'was a faulty card, and replacing it cured the problem completely.

The card was checked in another system and had the same symptoms - so it was definitely faulty.

  beeuuem 01:43 08 Aug 2007

I had a similar problem when I had to replace a motherboard.
Display was sluggish, would freeze and the monitor turned itself off. I feared that the M/B was incompatible with the graphics card .

The solution was to increase the AGP voltage in the BIOS from 1.5v to 1.6v.
Sadly I can't recall the source of this info but I have had no problem since.

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