Monitor stuck in standby on start up

  triflesterms 09:31 23 Jul 2009


I recently took my pc to my friends, when i booted my pc up the monitor was stuck in standby, i tried 2 different monitors that i know work & the same thing happend on both, still in standby.

Hope someone can help?


  lotvic 09:44 23 Jul 2009

That means that there is no signal getting through from the pc to the monitor.

If it was working ok before you took pc to your friends then check inside the pc for loose cables and/or graphics card connections.
Have you tried with a different Cable from the monitor?

  triflesterms 10:55 23 Jul 2009

I already checked all the cables & the graphics card, all seemed fine, though because it didnt work on various monitors that were all using different monitor cables, i wouldnt think it was the monitor cable, it has to be something else?


  Graphicool1 11:33 23 Jul 2009

Try holding the 'Power Button' down for 20 sec's.

  donki 11:52 23 Jul 2009

You seem to have checked everything it could be, are you using a digital or analog cable, do you have more than one output on your gfx card? I had the same problem but mine ouccurd due do my dvi cable being at a tight angle at the back of my monitor, got a new cable and the problem was solved.

  triflesterms 14:09 23 Jul 2009

How can i tell if its digital or analog cable?

I have other outputs though none match any of the plugs from the monitors i've tried with it.

  triflesterms 17:01 23 Jul 2009

Still need help!

Ive just tried a different HD & PSU, though its still the same.

Hope someone can help me?


  triflesterms 14:03 28 Jul 2009

Still need help!

Ive just tried a different HD & PSU, though its still the same.

Hope someone can help me?


  donki 14:47 28 Jul 2009

If you are sure that you have tried a different cable from your GFX card to your monitor I would say your GFX card is faulty, I would try someone elses GFX card. I take it you can hear your computer booting up and beeping and carrying on into windows as normal? Can you hear the windows welcome noise?

  woodchip 15:04 28 Jul 2009

Me I still think its the PSU that as had a Jolt, As with it being 230volts things inside can get brittle with heat. Also is the one you tried big enough in Watts as it all the same cables connected including for CPU and or Graphics car plugs

  triflesterms 17:39 28 Jul 2009

I tired the graphics card in a different pc & it worked fine, i dont think im getting any signal from the motherboard, i'm not getting the beep when i boot up, i tired to boot up without the ram & it was still the same, no beep.

Is there any way i can check the motherboard for a signal?

Or does anyone else have any other ideas about what the problem is?

Many Thanks

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