Monitor starts up OK, but then loses its signal?

  portacabin 13:22 05 May 2003

Disconnected PC to work somehere elese, went fine. Now though, I've probkems getting it working gain.

When it starts up, the monitor fires up fine, and does the normal run through of how much RAM etc. Then, it goes though the "Windows XP Home Edition" stuff.

Then though, when it would normally go to the blue welcome screen and ask me to log on, the monitor seems to die and the powersave logo comes up. The processor meanwhile is still whirring away happily.

I presume something must have come loose in transit, but what??? I 've opened the case and reseated cards etc, but to no avail.

Any thoughts...?

Thanks very much


  sil_ver 13:43 05 May 2003

Except for a reinstall of XP (bit drastic) try starting in safe mode. If it starts OK it might be a driver problem or a duff program. Could it be that it is going into hibernation? As you've done all the obvious things the only other thing I can think of is a failing PSU or graphics card. I assume you've checked all the connections for tightness or bent/broken pins.

  portacabin 11:14 06 May 2003

Googling around, possible problem identified as the display having been set to a resolution the monitor couldn't support. So, when it went to start up, the monitor went to sleep to protect itself.

Started in safe mode (enable VGA), and it fired up OK on much lower resolution than normal. Then just went back to a system restore point, and all is OK!

Not a *clue* what caused the problem, but sorted now.


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