Monitor in standby, no display

  Dazed&Confused 07:26 23 Feb 2008

Out of the blue the pc monitor has gone into stand by. When the power button is pressed on the monitor it either flashed green or turns orange.

I've tried rebooting the pc and also tried 2 different monitors. One briefly shows the onscreen message - power off sleep mode. I know all the monitors work on my main pc and I've checked all the cable connections.

What is the cause and how do I fix it?


  Gongoozler 07:32 23 Feb 2008

The problem is almost certainly in your computer. Does the computer show any other signs of working, hard drive activity, POST beep, Windows start sounds etc?

  Dazed&Confused 07:37 23 Feb 2008

As far as I can tell the pc is booting up ok, the green light is on and the blue light on the usb wireless adapter is also lit. I'll have to double check this later as pc is in sons bedroom. I'll respond once I've checked. Many thanks.

  crosstrainer 08:05 23 Feb 2008

Sounds as if you have a graphics card problem.

1) Try a different cable from PC to Monitor

2) If that fails, open the case (as long as you are not still under warranty) and reseat the graphics card.

3) If that fails, and you are under a warranty, contact the supplier.

  Dazed&Confused 06:24 05 Mar 2008

I've checked for, POST beep, Windows start sounds and there are none. How do I locate the graphics card to reseat it?

  Gongoozler 07:39 05 Mar 2008

Not even a POST beep! There's something more serious than graphics card reseating. The most likely failure is the PSU, but you need to do a sequence of elimination diagnostics to find out and this will involve serious dismantling of your computer. If you feel you are up to it, I'll tell you what you need to do.

  Dazed&Confused 20:59 05 Mar 2008

Thanks Gongoozler, I think that's beyond my capabilities. I'll take it to my local repairer. Thanks again for your help.

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