Monitor Signal on boot

  TED1 13:28 24 Mar 2005

My computer monitor randomly decides, when I switch on my computer, not to work. If I then switch on and offthe monitor a few times it will the nswitch on. I have checked all the connections, this has happened with more than one video card, and I have no other sysmptoms. The PC is on, it just sometimes doesnt send a signal to the monitor to turn it on. Is it a power setting issue and can anyone suggest a fix please?

  jbp1982 13:42 24 Mar 2005

My suggestion is the try the monitor on a different PC if you can. From the description it sounds like the monitor's at fault, perhaps the power cable to it.

  TED1 13:54 24 Mar 2005

Ive tried a different PC with the monitor and it works fine.

  jbp1982 18:02 24 Mar 2005

Maybe someone will advise on BIOS or other settings????

  freaky 18:11 24 Mar 2005

Suggest you try using another cable for the connection from Graphics Card to Monitor, at least it would eliminate one other possibility!

  Technotiger 19:09 24 Mar 2005

Hi, is your monitor powered via the PC or does it have it's own Power source - ie, separate socket?
If powered via PC then perhaps an uprated PSU might solve the problem - sounds to me as if monitor is not getting enough juice.


  aschana 19:12 24 Mar 2005

hi, i had the same problem as you.
This is how to fix it:

Take apart ur whole computer.
Disconnect all wires connecting to the motherboard and take the motherboard out of the case tray.
Now put the motherboard back in and screw it down firmly. connect everything and i can assure u it works.
This problem has happened twice for me in the past and this solution always works.
good luck,

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:17 24 Mar 2005

I think is describing a problem ith the motherboard mountings shorting to "earth".

This will stop the PC from booting, no monitor no hard drives or fans or LEDs lit on CD / floppy etc.

Is this happening to your PC?

  aschana 19:21 24 Mar 2005

hi fruit, i'm not quite sure what the technical term for this problem is.
All i kno is that when i had this problem where i turned my computer on and the monitor saying "no input signal", it worked after reinstalling the motherboard in the system case.
Must b connections, even if u change the graphics card you'll still get the "no input signal" error when turning ur pc on. Its just the motherboard not giving out video signal for some wierd reason.

  TED1 19:56 24 Mar 2005

The computer will boot, its just when you first turn it on, it wont power up the monitor, now the monitor has its own power cable , so I dont think it is the PSU, I could check that the M/board is secure though.

  Technotiger 20:02 24 Mar 2005

Me again, instead of taking the whole sheebang apart, I would try one thing at a time, might save a bit of hassle. First thing I would check is Memory Chips, simply remove them and then replace them again, this simple action can solve lots of little niggles. Though you could at the same time do the same with the graphics card, simply take it out then replace it.


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