Monitor Signal

  dads3a 19:37 03 Jan 2005

Switched the p.c and got a no signal message across my monitor. I've no bleeps when its switched on. All the lights work fans work hard drive doesn't spin. If I switch the monitor off when booting the p.c it works. Checked cables and heres my novice head coming in, does the cable from the monitor have 14 pins going into the 15 pin because according the the monitor handbook the missing pin is the no connection pin. Many thanks for any help coming my way.

  jack 20:28 03 Jan 2005

There is a blank on the male monitor plug 2nd row 2nd or 3rd in.
I am a little confused with what your are writing.
Are you saying that the PC does not run with the monitor plugged in but will run with the monitor unplugged?
How is the monitor powered? Is it wired through the PC? that is is there a single connection to the mains and the monitor loops out of the PC?
If this is so try running the monitor direct from the mains on a normal 3 pin plug.
You may have a short of some kind in the base unit.

  dads3a 20:37 03 Jan 2005

The message comes up on the scrren. No signal check connection. Everything runs through a surge protected extension to a single input to the mains.Basically if i cut the power to the monitor mains or front switch the p.c starts. Whats a short in the base unit. thanks

  Technotiger 20:38 03 Jan 2005

Hi, hmmmmm sounds like a HD problem, not monitor. On start-up hd should spin and there should be a single beep which indicates drives ok.
I would make sure all connections are firmly seated. Have you been 'inside' your case recently - might have dislodged something without noticing. Just a thought.


  dads3a 20:44 03 Jan 2005

Hard drive bleeps as long as the monitor is switched off. Only won,t bleep if the monitor is switched on. There was a check list on another thread that said if it had 1 bleep, 2bleeps etc etc it was such and such a fault well i have none of these. The p.c is running fine as long as u dont start the monitor at the same time as the p.c. I,ve running diagnostics through the machine all day theres not a fault of any sorts showing

  dads3a 20:49 03 Jan 2005

Sorry forgot to mention never been inside the system since i got it its only 15 months old so my tower is now on a labour only guarantee but the monitors got a 3 year parts and labour bit if the monitors showing the message i doubt its that but a my knowledge level of these it could be anything i only know what i've read thanks

  Technotiger 21:18 03 Jan 2005

pc running fine as long as ........ not seen this one before, but as long as it is running fine and nothing else is going wrong, if it was mine, I would probably just shrug my shoulders and get on with it. Sorry, I don't know what else to suggest - however, no doubt someone else will come to your aid. Good luck.

Mind you, having said that, no, I would not be satisfied and I personally would keep experimenting till I found out what the problem was and cured it. Cheers.

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