Monitor shuts down??

  InsecureSpike 17:49 07 Nov 2007

hey there guys,

(i'm sorry if this is posted in the wrong place)

i have a monitor problem,
it all of a sudden shuts down!
the system keeps running tho?

the only way i can get going again is to pull the plug and restart?

i've been told it could be a graphic card problem?

sometimes it stays on for ages, but other times a bout 10 mins?

anyone have any ideas?

thanks Spike

  Diemmess 18:00 07 Nov 2007

The fact that it behaves at all and for different lengths of time suggests to me that the video card is overheating, rather than loose connections or failing hardware.

If so, or in any case you could take a look with a panel off your computer in a switched off state.

Take the card out and brush it carefully to make its fan shiney clean.
Also its heat sink, you might be amazed at the clag that accumulates with fluff and a dust like fine clay.

  InsecureSpike 18:05 07 Nov 2007

yep it's mighty dist in there!
whats the best way of cleaning?

  InsecureSpike 18:08 07 Nov 2007

also theres no card to take out!!???

  Diemmess 19:18 07 Nov 2007

OK, but I still think it is worth cleaning the board and particularly the CPU with its heat sink and fan.

There are many opinions of this forum about what to do and how.

My opinion (only) is to switch off at the wall and for added safety pull the plug.

Take a side panel off.

Gentle careful use of a vac, together with a soft brush to remove all the stuff inside the case and on the motherboard and any cards.

DO NOT be rough or invasive. Don't nudge the various components standing up over the board.

The CPU (depending on which type it is,) is important but more difficult.

Ideally it may be possible to remove its fan and expose the finned heat sink. If so then take a brush again and sweep/vac all the muck from each blade. Also comb out (with the brush) the crud between the fins of the heat sink.

Do not try to remove the CPU itself at all.
Re-assemble and clean any case fans and even the PSU's fan if you can reach it without dismantling its box.

Do make sure you haven't loosened any cables or cards, cover it up again, plug in and switch on.

  Diemmess 19:51 07 Nov 2007

If the problem remains after cleaning then you have to think about an incipient failure of the onboard graphics.

You can fit a suitable video card, but which depends on your motherboard and what it will accept.

Therin lies another tale!

  InsecureSpike 23:09 07 Nov 2007

ok mate thanks so much for yer help,

i'll post back the results,


  InsecureSpike 15:40 11 Nov 2007

ok mate,
still no joy i gave the tower a really good clean out but still no joy,

still shuts down??

what next??

  InsecureSpike 17:58 11 Nov 2007


ok when the monitor shuts down,
iTunes stops playing,

the little green light stays on and the 2 fans keep running?

there is no specific time it could turn off,

it could be half an hour then 10 mins then 2hours then 5 mins???

the times are really random!!

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