Monitor shut off while PC still on

  nissanalmera 16:37 15 Jul 2009

Hi.Can I safely switch off my monitor while Pc still on.If left on too long it gets hot and I am trying to 'save'it.Thanks Ian

  ened 16:57 15 Jul 2009


  nissanalmera 17:13 15 Jul 2009

Short & sweet and I thank you ened for that.Thanks

  ened 17:16 15 Jul 2009

No Probs.

Mind you it might be worth investigating why you need to turn it off.

It shouldn't be necessary. Instead of turning it off have you considered allowing it to turn off in your 'power settings'?

  nissanalmera 18:36 15 Jul 2009

No real reason or problem other than I will probably keep PC on most days going back and forward to it [Silver surfer]till early evening.Come closedown time felt monitor warm/hot and wondered if I could simply switch it off simply and safely using switch during day.Easier 'to me' than power settings.Thank you ened for your prompt response.

  Stuartli 20:57 15 Jul 2009

Why not use Hibernate?

If you leave your system for a while, using Hibernation will Save all your settings, open web pages or programs etc and, when switched back on, opens at the point where you put it into Hibernation.

A proper Shut Down at the end of the day is advisable.

  woodchip 22:17 15 Jul 2009

I used to just turn monitor of when not in use,to save monitor and power. I now turn it off altogether

  nissanalmera 22:18 15 Jul 2009

Hi Stuartli,Thanks,I know your right but old brains like to keep things simple.I hear about pc's not coming out of such states.I do shut down properly every night.Thanks again

  nissanalmera 22:21 15 Jul 2009

Thanks woodchip,thats along the lines I was hoping to hear.

  Stuartli 23:47 15 Jul 2009

I use Hibernate frequently during the day and Shut Down last thing at night.

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