Monitor settings problem returns!

  Brazils 09:11 22 Apr 2004

I have a problem that had started recently, but yesterday I thought with the help of this forum it had been resolved.

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I was wrong.

When I alter the screen settings on my monitor to fit to the edges, when I reboot it is often wrong again and has to be reset. The image either is too tall or moves up, or becomes wider etc.

Monitor Mitsubishi diamond Pro 750SB ATI radeon 9700 pro (latest drivers) DirectX 9.0b

NaViSet downloaded and installed, yesterday. PC fine all day, even with restarts to test it. Powered off last night, and rebooted this morning and the problem has returned.

This is becoming very annoying.

  dazzling 09:34 22 Apr 2004

where are the settings stored when pc is off?i dont know the answer to your problem but it seems like a problem you would get when you have a flat battery ie it works while ac powered and hold settings when switched of for short periods but overnight loses its settings.if you reset it all does itwork all day including reboots but loses them again after being of a long time.just a thought darren.

  Djohn 10:19 22 Apr 2004

Could also be the memory settings of the monitor itself as they do not seem to be able to remember your inputs. A call to the tech. dept of the monitor will soon sort the problem for you and if the monitor is less than 3 years old they may well deliver you a new one, picking up the faulty one at the same time. j.

  Brazils 13:52 22 Apr 2004


I think I will contact Mitsubishi.

I have noticed, when I switched off the monitor and then switched it back on after booting, it then worked fine at the settings I set yesterday!

Therefore Windows was running when it was switched on and it used the correct settings.

When the monitor was on while the PC booted, it did not receive the settings from Windows, for some reason?

  Brazils 08:59 23 May 2004

Monitor spent 10 days with Mitsubishi after they assured me it was a hardware problem.

Booted this morning and guess what? Display all wrong! Display has moved down and left and need the height adjusted to get back to normal.

Switching the monitor on and off didn't fix it this time.

My son thinks it's something to do with the game C&C Generals?

This is driving us mad! Please help if you can.


  Brazils 15:18 23 May 2004


  Wak 16:14 23 May 2004

Have you tried removing the game C&C Generals to see if it makes any difference????

  Brazils 17:09 23 May 2004

I have just left XP on the login screen and when I came back the monitor was in standby. On waking the system the display was wrong again.


We want to play it. It was installed before the problem started and sometimes it fixes the problem???

  Brazils 08:16 24 May 2004


  Brazils 20:20 24 May 2004


  Brazils 16:44 28 May 2004

I have spoken to Mitsubishi today and they assure me it's a monitor fault.

They are coming to collect it again!

It is the screen size and settings that keep changing. I have noticed this can be brought on by many things, such as:

powering off,
sreensaver activation,
opening a window full screen,
playing a game full screen.

I hope they fix it this time, as I am annoyed that I'm losing my monitor for another 10 days.
The swap out warranty only applies if your monitor is in new condition!

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