Monitor setting which one?-help

  hotwired 22:08 25 Jan 2003

I am running x pro with an somewhat outdated graphic card-NVIDIA riva tnt2 model 64/64 pro, screen resolution
1024 x 768 pixels, colour quality highest 32 bit and screen refresh rate at 85 Hertz’s. I already have the latest xp driver installed .but still all the games I play don’t flawlessly –there are slight pauses. When I close a game the desktop becomes a collage of mosaic for few seconds then it fine.

can anyone tell what can be done and if my serting are correct ...

  obbit 22:13 25 Jan 2003

Hi's graphics card causing jerkiness i think.



  hotwired 22:17 25 Jan 2003

so is the card had it then ?

  Lone Crow 22:17 25 Jan 2003

Not into games myself, so experience limited, but pauses in playing action is usually down to insufficient resources - processor speed too low, not enough memory, video memory being taken from main meory, etc. It's also possible that poor memory management is not allowing memory to be released fast enough to keep up with the action. Without some details of your setup and specs, it's not possible to diagnose much further. LC.

  hotwired 22:22 25 Jan 2003

hi lone crow
well i am running a amd 850 mhz 512 sdram on the task manager total is 523764. available 329420 and system cashe 395180

commit charge(k) total 152832 limit 2063952

  FinnG 22:42 25 Jan 2003

Probably your graphics card causing the bottle neck and slowing things down on (I assume) newish, more demanding, games.

  Worf100 00:08 26 Jan 2003

Try dropping your screen resolution, colour quality or screen refresh rate down 'one point' in turn e.g. 85 Hertz's down to 75 or 70. If the problem persists after you have dropped them all at least one point it looks like your graphics card is past it's sell by date.

  hotwired 00:14 26 Jan 2003

thanks guys , well done all the possible setting , just no luck ..

guess i will have to upgrade ..


  DieSse 00:28 26 Jan 2003

Your processor is not particularly fast by todays standards, and it may be causing the bottleneck. Depends on the game, and the circumstances.

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