Monitor Screen Cleaning

  craneman01 19:42 08 Feb 2009

Hi all, does anyone know how to clean a tft monitor screen without leaving lines.
I ask because my screen was getting dirty so I bought some proprietry screen wipes which cleaned it fine, but when it's turned off you can see all the lines where I've gone up & down with the wipe and they won't wipe off. It seems ok when it's on but every time I pass the monitor when it's turned off, it bugs me !

  MAT ALAN 19:47 08 Feb 2009

I use slightly damp kitchen roll, been using this very simple but effective method for a long time works perfectly for me, no need to buy all these specialist cleaning solutions and cloths, "waste of time"...

  Strawballs 19:49 08 Feb 2009

Baby wipes then a dry tissue

  craneman01 20:30 08 Feb 2009

My youngest "Baby" is 35 so I'm just out of wipes but I'll have a go at both of the suggestions

Many Thanks

  Strawballs 20:32 08 Feb 2009

My youngest is 19 but we use them to clean all sorts

  rawprawn 20:40 08 Feb 2009

Very well squeezed out chamois leather (Gently)

  User-1229748 20:43 08 Feb 2009

yep,i'm the wrong side of 40 and still use em

  Andsome 20:44 08 Feb 2009

Try a Brillo pad.

  craneman01 23:31 08 Feb 2009

You're scratching a bit, aren't you Andsome?

  Migwell 23:55 08 Feb 2009

I use a micro fibre duster diped in water then wrung out. It is the yellow one that you can buy from Marks & Spencer for a couple of quid, and I never had a problem yet!

  Gandalph 00:43 09 Feb 2009

Isopropyl Alcohol. Available at any chemist and cheap. If you read the manual that came with your monitor I'm sure it will mention it in there somewhere.

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