Monitor Says No Signal

  DavidM4 20:32 24 Aug 2004

When I turn on my PC the tower makes all the right noises but my monitor does no start up and when I try to turn it on it says "no signal". My HD light is on continuosly but the monitor still won't start, is my HD knackered? Thanks in advance for any help provided. Cheers.

  JonnyTub 20:35 24 Aug 2004

make sure your monitor connector is pushed in nice and tight, same goes for your graphics card, make sure it's pushed in nice and tight. The message on your monitor is telling you that there is no signal being sent from the graphics card to the monitor.

  JonnyTub 20:37 24 Aug 2004

sorry forget to mention: i doubt your hard drive is knackered, and can you post the order of events leading up to this situation?

  Terry Brown 20:43 24 Aug 2004

Have you changed the hard drive / cables.. If the hard drive is constantly on, it sounds as it the cable is not connected properly, or you have connected it the wrong way round (the stripe on the cable goes to pin Number 1.

  DavidM4 20:45 24 Aug 2004

Tried all the connections they're fine. I just turned it on and thats when it started or should I say never started. Could it be my graphics card then?

  DavidM4 20:49 24 Aug 2004

I've never changed the cables, I only opened the housing when the trouble started.

  VoG II 20:49 24 Aug 2004

The only way to test this is by substitution - cable, monitor. If changing both of those doesn't fix it then it is the graphics card (probably). If this points to the graphics card, try unplugging it and reseating it before buying a replacement.

  JonnyTub 20:52 24 Aug 2004

Go with VoG™'s advice, elimination is the best way forward.

  DavidM4 20:55 24 Aug 2004

Cheers VoG, I'm just at my sis in laws (on her laptop) I'll borrow her PC monitor and check that, if it's that, I'll post a thank you in about 20 mins, if it's not, cheers anyway.

  DavidM4 09:45 31 Aug 2004

It was my motherboard, I have had it replaced and everything is working fine now. Thanks for all your suggestions.

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