Monitor returns to default size

  Fred05 20:40 14 Aug 2009

A few days ago i posted a thread about requiring a driver software upgrade for my video card and ambra4 replied with a link. It worked to a point.
I downloaded the software and a file named VGA was set on my desktop. When i opened the file, i clicked on the SETUP icon and the loading started and install proceeded. It stated that EXPRESS would be ideal to install and it went ok.
The computer then rebooted and the screen size changed to 1024 X 768(16 bit).
The ATI icon next the date stated it was, on the control panel display settings stated it was and the Advance link stated the monitor was set to 1024 X 768.
Three other people use this computer and everytime we swap or switch off the computer returns to a 800 X 600 display size.
I have loaded three times to verify it happens.

It is placed in C:/Docs+Sett/All users/Shared Docs
What am i missing / doing wrong?


  Audio~~Chip 22:02 14 Aug 2009

wher you see 16bit drop it down and hopefully you should be able to set it to 32bit. Then APPLY the Change! Screen will go black and come back on

Then on the right make sure you have the 1024x768 and then APPLY to set the change.

Also go deeper into the the Advanced and then under Monitor Tab set to 60Hz if a TFT or 75Hz ish or if your using a CRT chunky back big thing

  BRYNIT 22:50 14 Aug 2009

Have you down loaded the correct drivers for your Video card ?

  Fred05 09:11 15 Aug 2009

Thanks for the replies
Audio - when i ask for the change from 16 to 32 bit the settings default back to 800 X 600, monitor tab is set to 75hz max.

Brynit - looks like i will have to check if more drivers are missing

  ambra4 10:18 15 Aug 2009


See if this help changing the monitor from a CRT to the NEC LCD 73v monitor

Would suggest you change the NEC setting to 1024 X 768, 32 bit, at 60Hz

  Fred05 20:41 15 Aug 2009

ambra4, going through Control Panel, Display, Settings, Advanced the computer has set the monitor details to NEC73 1023 X 768.
Brynit - i have googled a search about drivers.
A site named Driver Robot states i have 11 (!) missing drivers - one to do with the video card.
Does anyone use/ know this site and it states to download you must register. After registering is there a request for payment - due to not working i cannot justify paying when it is not critical - just nice?

  BRYNIT 21:19 15 Aug 2009

Using some of these sites can cause problems as some of the drivers may not be suitable. Its usually better to go to the Manufacturers web site for drivers if possible.

To help us help you a little more information may helpful to solve your problem.

What make/model of computer.
Are you using Windows XP or Vista
What graphics card do you have.

Although the website you went to said you are missing 11 drivers does it say what drivers.

Also if you go into device manager do you have any yellow ? marks against any items listed.

  Fred05 11:27 16 Aug 2009

My motherboard is a Asus P4R800
The graphics card is a ATI Radeon 9100 IGP
Running XP
The device manger has no yellow indicators as the system is running fine.
All i would like to do is change the default setting from 800 x 600 to 1024 x 768 as i have a 'new' lcd NEC73v screen.
Read other threads about Driver Robot - not going down that line.

  Fred05 19:34 16 Aug 2009

i have looked at this a different way
Went to Control Panel
Device manager
Highlighted Radeon, went to the ACTION - Update Driver, Driver Wizard which did a search and found that the CD installation disk was required which i do not have.
When pressing ok it stated that 'ati2mag.sys' is needed.
Can anyone help?

  Audio~~Chip 16:02 18 Aug 2009

Go to the Asus Download centre which can be slow to load click here

Then select Product = Motherboard, Series = Socket 478 then your Model which I think you may mean is a P4R800-V Deluxe OR -VM model. You need to get a full ident on this motherboard

I would dowload the Driver to your desktop then fully uninstall your ATI Graphics Driver. then reboot and install your new download.

I also take it you do not use a Dedicated Graphics card on this motherboard.

  Fred05 19:38 18 Aug 2009

Thanks Audio - you are right i do not have a dedicated graphics card.
Will try above and see what happens

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