Monitor Resolution Problem

  Bantam007 19:38 15 Jul 2004

Does anyone know why when using 1280 X 1024 resolution on my 19 inch CRT Monitor it causes the photographs I am working on in Paint Shop Pro to be displayed slightly squashed, changing to 1280 X 960 doesn't help.

When I re-adjust the screen to get my pictures displayed accurately, the effect is to slightly distort the rest of the screen, making things look too tall.

Is there any way I can get both my pictures and the software to be displayed in the correct proportions at the same time?

  Dorsai 20:02 15 Jul 2004

I guess it's an aspect ratio thing.

both the setting you mention are 1280 along the x-axis (ie horizontaly) but one has more pixels on the y-axis (ie vertically) than the other. so a piccy 500 pixels x500 pixels will look shorter on the 1024 setting than on the 960 setting. It should look square, as it is the same size in both ways. but one setting will show it different to the other.

  Bantam007 20:42 15 Jul 2004

That's what I thought, but the images look and are (I measured them) squashed by about 10% in both resolutions. The aspect ratio of my screen is 4:3 yet 1280 X 1024 is a perfect fit despite having an aspect ratio of 5:4! When I change to 1280 X 960, aspect ratio 4:3 which you would expect to be a perfect fit on the screen, it isn't, there are margins top and bottom and it's almost running off screen left and right, a sort of widescreen effect. Adjusting this to fit the screen better corrects my pictures but distorts everything else on screen (by stretching it about 10%).

I just find it baffling, I bought the larger monitor for picture editing particularly and didn't expect to get distortion that I didn't have before on my 17 inch monitor at 1024 X 768.

  swapper 18:16 09 Jan 2005

I have tried 1280x960 on my 19" crt with PSP, but now I am down to 1024x760, I find thing a lot more easy on the eye for everything, and I don't have problems with the pics anymore (if that is any help?)

  Bantam007 21:17 09 Jan 2005

Thanks for the comments swapper. For a while I used a custom setting, I just adjusted my screen until I got rid of the distortion to my pictures (I just put up with the distortion this created to my icons etc). However due to an accident when a program that I had been using managed to change the screen resolution that I had set, I went back to 1280 X 960 and low and behold the problems that I had before had mysteriously disappeared, the aspect ratio is now correct and my pictures are displayed at the correct aspect ratio too!

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