monitor resolution dilema.

  polo 16:18 19 Mar 2007

My wife's eyesight is deteriorating due to Wet Macular Deterioration and at the same time her monitor needs replacing. I'm something of a novice in these matters and would appreciate some advice. At present she has a 17" crt at 1024 x 768 and I've been wondering whther to get her a 19" TFT. As I understant it this would reduce the size of font etc. and that's the last thing she could do with (I know you can have magnifying software including that already on xp but she doesn't want to get into that yet). Now as I understand it the TFT screens have a native resolution (usually 1280x1024) and if you depart from that the quality is reduced? So what do we do, in short we need a larger screen and if anything we need things to be displayed bigger.

  pj123 16:48 19 Mar 2007

Before you go for the 19" try setting the resolution of the 17" to 800 x 600.

  scotty 16:51 19 Mar 2007

Can I suggest that you experiemnt with the following adjustments:

Right click on the desktop and select "Properties". Select the "Appearance" tab. This allows you to select larger fonts.

Select the "Settings" tab then select the advanced option, then the "General" tab. Here you have the option to change the Dots Per Inch setting.

Hopefully these adjustments can be configured to give an appearance that is suitable.

  polo 18:37 19 Mar 2007

Thanks for the help but we seem to be missing the point here! The points made are helpful to know about though increasing the font size only increases it in the desktop but not on the contents, whilst reducing the dpi degrades the quality. My main point is that we have to buy a new monitor at this point and will getting a larger tft result in a reduction in the size of things on the screen and if so is there a solution

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