monitor resolution

  ellie82 16:13 10 Jul 2008

my monitor is reporting cannot play in this video mode and suggests a resolution to change to. the pc only offers 16-bit, no 34 and that resolution isnt there as a choice.

Its a dell monitor E176FPm
PC is a vostro 400


  herbie53 16:44 10 Jul 2008

Go to display properties and in the settings tab note the name of your graphics card, and search for drivers for it in google e.g. "nvidia 6200 drivers" - it looks like your graphics drivers are playing up. Download and reinstall the drivers and see if that helps.

  DieSse 17:29 10 Jul 2008

You monitor "should" be running at 1280x1024 resolution. This is it's native resolution (the one that matches the pixels in the screen itself). Ideally you should be using that to get the best picture.

What is it currently set to?

As herbie53 suggests, get the latest drivers for your video card. The Vostros I looked at have ATi video cards - so do check what is fitted before getting the drivers.

  ellie82 21:19 10 Jul 2008

thanks, i will check and let you know how i get on.

  ellie82 16:44 14 Jul 2008

screen resolution is currently set to 1600x1050
colour quality is get to medium 16-bit
The advanced tab is greyed out.

  anniesboy68 17:21 14 Jul 2008

Make sure the leads are plugged in ok. I have just had all sorts of problems with the display resulting in a re format [with problems] and all it was was the lead to the monitor not in far enough

  Stuartli 17:49 14 Jul 2008

If you right click on the Desktop>Properties>Settings tab>Advanced button>Adapter tab>click on List All Modes button, you will be able to find out what colour/resolution/refresh rate combinations your monitor will support.

I would suggest that you use 60MHz refresh rate as you presumably have a TFT monitor (85MHz for CRT), the native resolution suggested by DieSse and True or high colour in 32 bit.

Scroll down until you find the required combination, highlight and OK. Then OK back to the original panel and close it.

You should also enable Windows to retain chosen settings without having to restart your system.

  Stuartli 17:53 14 Jul 2008

You may also need to download the latest audio and video codecs. K-Lite Standard or Full Packs serve most needs and can be obtained from:

click here

click here

  DieSse 15:39 15 Jul 2008

You monitor as per your model number is a 17" Dell monitor with regular aspect ration (ie not a widescreen).

This should be run ideally at it's native setting of 1280x1024 - you have it on a widescreen setting, which will be giving you an odd picture.

Move the slider in the Display Properties - Settings to 1280x1024. If you prefer larger on-screen items you can use 1024x768- the picture won't be quite as good, but may be acceptable.

  DieSse 15:40 15 Jul 2008

regular aspect ratio - that should read.

  ellie82 16:22 15 Jul 2008

Hi there, the slider doesnt let me select it... will not let me slide it along as I would usually do. the advanced buttoned is greyed also. It will not let me do anything at all with the monitor resolution.



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