monitor resolution

  chiquita 20:01 03 Apr 2007

I reformatted a hard drive for a friend and loaded Win 98SEand am unable to get more than 640x480 resolution, with 16 colours (not 16 bit).
From the settings tab, the slider will not move from 640/480 and the colour choice is 16 colours or 2, which is B&W.
Is there anywhere else to look?

  User-312386 20:03 03 Apr 2007

you need to install the chipset drivers and/or the graphics card drivers

  chiquita 20:17 03 Apr 2007

madboy33, Thanks for that, but the puzzle is that I used the same disc on another PC last week and the resolution was OK. Are the drivers that you mentioned not part of the disc and if not where would I download from?

  User-312386 20:37 03 Apr 2007

Right click on My Computer>properties>hardware and then device manager.

Could you advise if there are any yellow question marks/excalmation marks and tell us what the drvices are called

  chiquita 22:22 03 Apr 2007

madboy33, Sorry for the delay.
There is a yellow ? alongside each of the following; PCI Ethernet Controller
Pci Multimedia Audio Device
Unknown Device.
I'm afraid this means nothing to me and cannot understand why I am having this problem with a disc that has been used several times before. This was a donated surplus school PC, would you think this is a clue to the problem?
It's getting late so will look for a reply tomorrow evening if you have any other suggestion. Thanks for the moment.

  woodchip 22:59 03 Apr 2007

Windowds 98 cd does have some drivers, But you should always load the Hardware drivers like Motherboard Drivers then Graphics card and then Sound. Before you start loading any software.

There are no two computers alike, that's why it works on one and not the other

  pat2068 01:58 04 Apr 2007

when i am reading pages on the internet even this page a lot of my letters are green if have only noticed this in the last few nights could anyone please help as the pc is in the last few months of its extended warrenty thanks leo

  pat2068 02:00 04 Apr 2007

sorry posted in wrong page leo

  chiquita 18:10 04 Apr 2007


Thanks for that info which explains exactly why I have loaded 2 other PC's OK and this one is a failure.
I have always thought that Win 98 for example was Win 98 and that was all there was about it.

Next move is to get inside and get some numbers and then find some drivers to download.

Thanks again.

  User-312386 22:55 04 Apr 2007

click here download belarc and advise us of the make of the motherboard and if there is a graphics card

  Tropezon 21:18 05 Apr 2007

madboy33, Thanks for the post just received and will download belarc. Also will get in the box Friday and advise further.
I downloaded from the forum link, 1st QuickRes Light, which claimes to control display settings from a system tray icon, but have had no success.
I appreciate the help you are giving and am sorry it's dragging on, but the gear is in an outbuilding and am unable to leave the house in the evening.

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