Monitor refresh rate

  flobby 16:06 18 Mar 2003

Hi All,
I have just upgraded from XP Home to XP Pro and now when I use the scroll down or up; the screen has ( it seems ) to have to refresh itself instead of just moving up or down. I have tried changing the resolution to 800x600 but all my pages are off centre to the left and it still seems to refresh instead of scrolling. I am now using 1024 by 768 pixels and colour quality highest [32 bit].
Cheers, Flobby

  Taurus 16:20 18 Mar 2003

Hi flobby, sounds to me more like a processor or memory problem than one with your monitor refresh rate. Inadequate refresh rates manifest as a constant flickering on the screen rather than the 'stuttering' I think you are refering to.

The most likely problem is your processor is having to 'catch-up'. XP pro has lots of processes running in the background. Just press Cntr-Alt-Del and clicking the processes tag and you can see just how many. In addition, as the OS is writing and reading to and from the hard disk and/or CD, this too uses processor power. If you are unhappy closing processes, and you should be as some are essential to windows, I would suggest downloading a copy of 'TweakXP' from the net and getting that to tweak your settings for you.

Hope this helps.


  cheapskate2k 18:21 18 Mar 2003

He was running XP home before so is XP pro really going to make all that difference. Is the performance ok apart from that?

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