monitor promblems

  pinballmad 07:35 09 Mar 2004

I got Belinea monitory and when I load it up the bios is in Pinkish Colour.

Is the monitory or window 98 second edition

  Diodorus Siculus 07:40 09 Mar 2004

Could be the monitor, the graphics card, the cable or even Windows98SE.

But if it is pinkish in the BIOS, then unlikely to be Windows problem.

Can you try the monitor on a different PC, or try a different monitor on this PC?

  Jester2K 07:40 09 Mar 2004

It'll be the monitor as Windows hasn't loaded when you are in the BIOS.

Try adjusting the monitor controls - read the manual.

  Tog 07:57 09 Mar 2004

Check and make sure you have the monitor correctly identified in the hardware list and also that you have the correct colour profile loaded. If the wrong profile is loaded, the monitor colour may have been adjusted to compensate, giving it the pink tinge when windows isn't loaded.

  fitcher 10:00 09 Mar 2004

checking the colours individualy .I have a tint of pink with mine have you tried reducing the red in the monitor set up and adding more green

  grey george 10:46 09 Mar 2004

It may one of the guns in the crt is failing.
If you have a graphics package or even ms paint
produce your self a test card of the primary colours to see if they display correctly.
Substituting another moniter would allow you to check the rest of the hardware.

  woodchip 10:56 09 Mar 2004

You have likely got a broken wire in the Monitor cable, or look for a bent pin in socket

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