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  luvduki 17:56 22 May 2003

Hi there,

I have got a very big problem taht has increased over the past month or so. Now it has become unbearable.

My monitor keeps flickering to different colours. The one is mostly changes to is a dark yellow. It makes it very difficult to see some other colours and it has never happened for this long before.

Can it be anything else other than a monitor that needs replacing? :(

  luvduki 18:10 22 May 2003

(its currently stuck on yellow)

  BrianW 18:10 22 May 2003

It sounds like your monitor but could also be your graphics card. Simplest test is, if possible, to check the monitor on another machine. If it shows the same problem this will confirm the monitor. If not, its your card.

  Rtus 18:16 22 May 2003

The symptoms you describe sound like loose connecter on graphics card out (re-do connection while unit is off( check for bent poorly fitting pins))or monitor colour guns turning off which could simply be a dry joint /defective transistor/ capacitor.. A visit to repair shop would be cheap enough..However if another monitor is available try that first..On the other hand if your planning upgrading, Some 17" CRT monitors are less than £90 nowadays..

  luvduki 04:58 27 May 2003

I found out it was actually a lose connection from the monitor>to the PC.

I just thought I would return here to let u know what it was and say thx for the help :)

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