Monitor probs

  swanny2 21:37 07 Apr 2007

my sister just ranfg me,an sed here monitor wont come on proper.
she gets the bkue /red green colours and a message saying- Self Test -g or something l ike that.
the pc wont register or something an she canrt see nothing on the monitor,any ideas. plz.. tx.

  Totally-braindead 23:22 07 Apr 2007

Get her to double check the cable first, it might have just come adrift or be loose, but normally if a monitor does that it says something like no signal. But its a place to start.

  swanny2 01:36 08 Apr 2007

nagh shes done all that mate. tx. still no good
cud it b the graphic card?

  mocha 05:05 08 Apr 2007

You need to try the monitor on another computer to see if it's doing the same, if it's OK then it's your graphic's Card.

  swanny2 14:36 09 Apr 2007

well ive not heard off her .so i will give her the Advice thanks .

  bof:) 16:33 09 Apr 2007

if possible get her or someone able to check graphics card is seated properly.

  AFT 19:22 07 May 2007

Hi could anyone help me please. My computer has pink lines on it and I dont know what it is. Someone said it could be the graphics card. sometimes when i switch on one half of the screen is light pink and the other half is fine. I have swapped monitors to check but it is still doing the same. My card is a Radeon 9800 xxl.I have updated all the drivers and clean all the dust but no joy. any help would be appreciated.
many thanks


  AFT 19:23 07 May 2007

sorry the card is a 9800 XT....

  Totally-braindead 20:01 07 May 2007

AFT start your own thread.

  AFT 20:14 07 May 2007

Sorry..... how do i start a new thread? I am quite new here. apologies.

  AFT 20:16 07 May 2007

its ok i hink i hve found it. do i just go to 'new subject' and start there?

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